Introduce Yourself : New actor by Joseph Condello

New actor

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph. I've been onstage 32 for a few weeks now and so far I have met quite a few interesting people. I currently live in Pennsylvania, but I am planning on relocating in the state of Georgia since apparently I'm reading everywhere that it's going to be the next Hollywood. I have different skills, I am a singer/songwriter, i've done some theater, took many classes, and have been a background on different TV shows. I am here to network with you guys and learn more about the business. If anyone from the Atlanta/Savannah area please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck everyone

Ester Lopez

Hi everyone, My name is Ester and I write paranormal and sci fi romances and scripts by night and sell AVON by day. I'm working on getting several manuscripts lined up for publication this year. I have adapted three of them into scripts so far and have one as a script only. I've been on Stage 32 awhile but haven't introduced myself and I'm having trouble navigating the sight right now. I had posted in a few threads but can't find them any more. I live in the Tennessee area, but I lived in Florida most of my life.

Leona McDermott

Welcome Joseph

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