Introduce Yourself : New feature film coming up by Maria Forslin

Maria Forslin

New feature film coming up


My name is Maria and I’m and actress and filmmaker. This summer I starred in, directed and produced my first feature film Break of Day/Gryning in Sweden. I also wrote the script. It has been such an adventure and it was so much fun! The film is now in editing and will be finished next summer. Plz follow on

Last summer I played a role in an American feature film (lead) so I’m always on the lookout for new projects. Here’s a link to my showreel (Swedish and English):

Got a few cool scripts in development, get in touch if you are interested and want to know more.

//Maria Forslin

James Drago


Lee Bailes


Patricia Poulos


Marcos Lamoreux

Congrats, i'm now living in Stockholm and i'm looking for contacts

Marko Rakic

Wow congrats! I am just wondering how you secured funding for a feature film? Looks like there are a lot of actors and expensive cine cameras on set. Did you get companies to sponsor it, did you find investors and financiers or did you finance it yourself? Thanks and congrats again!

Pamela Bolinder

Maria, hello! Congrats!

Maria Forslin

Thanx for the congrats! I financed it myself and via product placement and passionate film ppl!

Phil Clarke

Hey Maria, long time no speak! Congrats on this!

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