Introduce Yourself : New screenwriter by Nahni Todmia

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Nahni Todmia

New screenwriter

Hey guys I'm Nahni! I'm a beginner screenwriter and have been developing ideas for future films and shows since I was a kid. I love acting, producing, and directing. So if anyone wants to network and work on projects together let me know; I would love to get my foot in the door.

Nahni Todmia

Oh yea I'm from Los Angeles!

Timothy Pepper

I just added you. Feel free to message me

Adam Harper

Welcome Nahni!

Natalie Farst

Hi Nahni!!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Nahni & Good Luck!

Bob McCullough

Nahni--welcome to the world of screenwriting. I've got two books on Amazon that will save you YEARS of frustration:

Michael Segun Smith

Hi Nahni Todmia,

I am Nigeria based story and screen writer who have written close to 65 works to my credit and looking for your support and maximum collaboration on how to be working ​in partnership with each other on my numerous film projects in your country most especially on how to get a producer that will review and consider some of my works for feature productions of which you will be having your own percentage from any of my works that is produce in your country.

I will like you to please furnish me with your phone and mobile numbers in order to call and hold talks with you in this regard. Below here are the capsule descriptions of three among my works for your review and comment:

(1). Title: Hidden Facts

Genre: Romance (True Life Story of what transpire between me and my ex-wife)

"Why would a mother toss her 4 month old baby in a well to drown? Lola Daugherty graduated college with a banking degree and a handsome husband. But greed tainted her idyllic life after an elderly, childless billionaire offered her his fortune if she’d be his baby mamma. Lola doesn’t think twice. She’s ready to divorce her husband and claim her fortune. That is until— She finds out she’s already pregnant. And her husband’s the father. What’s a girl to do? When she finds out her pregnancy cannot be terminated, she has the baby. But the billionaire’s offer is still on the table, and she’s still married with child. Until that child goes missing and is found drowned in the village well. Only the child wasn’t Lola’s only obstacle. She must also get rid of her husband and the billionaire’s right hand man as well as clear any suspicions about her baby’s murder in order to clear her matrimonial path to the billionaire". Hidden Facts is based on a true Nigerian story.

(2). Title: "Behind the Cross"

Genre: Horror


Stephen Murdock due to selfish aggrandizement and in order to compete with other famous pastors in the world establishes his own church and becomes its General Overseer, but in searches for power to perform miracle and to acquire ill-gotten opulence is secretly initiated into cultism and he's task to be sacrificing one among his church member quarterly to a deity "Asmodeus". Soonest, nemesis catches up with him in pursuance of his efforts to sacrifice his church member' fiance for the deity Asmodeus as his secret get exposes to the general public then finds self in great obfuscation and end up his life in catastrophe chaos in this interesting Horror story.

(3). Title: "Message to Bazo

Genre: Thriller


Bazo is a market place of no returns to strangers and law enforcement agents in the country where people are secretly patronizing numerous types of shady deals such as: Classical "A" Drugs, Human Cloning, Human Trafficking and Money Laundry and the CIA Boss Mcoyet Pagag secretly establishes it. Following the discovery of Bazo by the Country' President, a special agent Michael Smith is task to carry out investigation on whom the owner of Bazo is and where it is situated in the country. The CIA Boss, in order to protect his interest on Bazo finds self end up in his rivers of tears as he sends a wrongful guy (Michael Smith) on a wrongful day and wrongful mission to Bazo in this interesting story.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing promptly from you. Till then, I remain .....

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Segun Smith

Tel: +234-802-944-3380

Mobile: +234-817-756-2351

WhatsApp: +234-802-944-3379


Empress Simone

Hi Nahni. Where are you located?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Nahni Todmia! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! How has your writing been going? If you aren't already, I think you'd really enjoy the Writer's Room to help you focus on your development as a screenwriter - it really helped me focus on my writing goals!

I would love for you to contribute to the Acting Lounge ( how has your background contributed to your abilities as a writer? You can also dive in to get insight and advice in the Filmmaking ( and Producing ( Lounges as you expand into those roles.

If you'd like more information about how to explore the Lounges to meet more members and network, please enjoy my most recent blog post:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for the link, Bob McCullough! Michael Segun Smith That is a lot of information about your projects! But not many people will see it on a single post. I'd suggest listing your loglines so that anyone visiting your profile knows what you're working on:

Pat Savage

Welcome to Stage 32 and my network Nahni! Happy networking!

Cylinda McAlister

Welcome Nahni so glad to have you on board and lots of writers on STAGE32 so you should have lots of great connections to hook up with.

Tracy Woody


Kristen Telley

Hi Nahni! I am definitely interested in networking with you!

Mr. & Mrs. Doe


What are some of your ideas?

Have you completed a feature yet?

Cherelynn Baker

Welcome to Stage 32!

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