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Alex Alexander

New screenwriter

Hello, my name is Matt Riddle and I am from southern Ohio. Go Buckeyes! Anyway, I am finally chasing my passion to write screenplays. My dad passed away last July and we were best friends who loved to watch movies. He was Mr. Halloween. He made me watch Nightmare on Elm Streer before Sesame Street. In 3rd grade on Christmas Day we went to theatre and saw Bad Moon lol.... Anyway I have had an idea in my head for years for a horror veneer script. I am pretty much done at 88 pages. Just looking for any advice on what I should do next?? Amazon, contests, mail scripts, post here, etc.... Thanks and look forward to making connections

John Garrett

Great to see another Buckeye fan on Stage32. I started to think I was the only person in the State of Ohio using this site! Suggestion. Get through enough script revisions that every scene is solid and every character pops. Then consider coverage and/or a pitch. IMHO.

Jim Duncan

Welcome, Matthew

Matthew Bedocs

I would start shopping it around. Don't just stop with that one script. Keep writing. You'll only get better as you write.

Alex Alexander

Great advice, thanks for the comments.

Matthew Bedocs

Oh and I'm from Ohio also. I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. Definitely go Bucs.

Alex Alexander

I am so new at this, where do you shop around?

Pidge Jobst

OSU grad myself! Came out here 6 yrs ago and have been pounding the pavement since. Learned a lot. Contemplate how hard you think it might be out here to get your script to screen or even looked at, and then multiply that thought X's 10. "Credit is King in this Kingdom" - Author Unknown. I've seen some amazing talent and visionary off-the-hook scripts never breach iron clad doors. While the Industry may profess it seeks new talent and content, there also co-exists a consciousness of self-preservation -- Executive's, agent's, manager's coveted jobs are on the line, especially if they take on unproven talent, spend millions, and have it fail miserably. It can be an indelible mark, and loss of an industry person's Hollywood stock or "green". For these reasons, and more, it can be difficult to sell new talent. A prominent studio once told me in a pitch room before they ever read my script that they would not be able to use it. They were just being honest. Why? Because they needed a mainstream writer to sell it, no matter my script's state. Another quote from an executive -- "There is an agenda to keep writers that major networks employ busy and working. Though this is understandable, this closed-off approach also limits them from new and fresh ideas and they can appear to have a callous approach to fresh talent." Even so, fresh talent does break through! Sites like this one (Stage 32) are beginning to make a difference. I would suggest utilizing this very site to align yourself with a studio or executive that has proven fulfillment in your genre, and then approach the Industry under their banner and armor. Fighting a battle such as this one on your own will only leave you "on your own."

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