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John Ellis

New to Everything

Like all of you, I am interested in continuously learning and unlike most of you, I am new to any aspect of the business side. I have written only one screenplay - an adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s short story “Rain,” which features a passionate, determined and powerful South Pacific fundamentalist missionary’s attempt to convert a free-wheeling young woman of questionable repute to Christianity - and the troubling aftermath of the clash. My version is an attempt to capture the uncertainty of motives and commitment to values that were integral to the original written story but not stressed in previous film adaptations.

With the emphasis on character, this version requires versatile, extremely thoughtful and charismatic actors (both male and female).

I would be happy to share it with anyone interested. Comments would also be appreciated.


John Ellis


Karen "Kay" Ross

Welcome to Stage32, John! We're all here to learn and encourage each other, no matter what part of the journey we're on. How is island life treating you?

What branch of the military? Army? Man, you should meet my stepfather and stepbrother - military strategy analysts, both of them.

Have you signed up for the free month of the Writer's Room? We're exploring films and tv based on true events right now, and I think it'd be perfect for you:

Also, if you feel a little overwhelmed with all the resources available, I would suggest hoping over to the BLOG section and poke around at anything that looks inspiring. I would highly recommend getting notices for RB's weekly Coffee & Content BLOG for regular doses of insight and inspiration. Here's the latest one:

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