Introduce Yourself : New to Stage 32 - I am a writer/Producer/Director with 2 films coming to theaters later this year. by David Rountree

David Rountree

New to Stage 32 - I am a writer/Producer/Director with 2 films coming to theaters later this year.

CUT! Official Movie Trailer (theaters this October) - Directed by David Rountree

Duncan Whitcombe

Cool, Chriss was telling me about some of the sound work on this film, fun stuff. Not at all my sort of relaxing enjoyable movie but a technically excellent trailer and the film looks very promising.

David Rountree

Thanks Kyle. We're most proud of the intelligent side of the story. It is by no means a "slasher."

David Rountree

Thanks Duncan. Yes, Chriss did a lot of terrific work on the sound design. She put tons of energy into CUT! and it definitely shows.

David Rountree

Thanks Kyle.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

In a word .. wow! you guys put a lot of work into this film.. excellent, trailer

David Rountree

Thanks Viquii. We really appreciate your support and thank you for the kind words.

Marilyn Du Toit

Looking good....hope you have great success. Maybe we can link and talk about a screenplay thriller I am working on? It is low budget.

Trena Penson

Looks awesome ! My kind of flick. If you ever need an actress (mid 30's to mid 40's) look me up :-) Have a super 2014

Aubrey C. Baptist

Excellent! Well done!

Sandra Ferrara

Hello and Welcome! :D

Joyce Leo

Yeah, where do we go from here?

David Rountree

Hopefully you will watch the movie to find out. You will never see it coming. :-)

Jerome Jackson

This trailer is awesome!! The plot, acting, and direction is on point! You and your partners hard work has paid off with a well done film. I'll make sure to check it out when it becomes available.

Bobby E. Erickson (BobbyE)

Trailer looks very intense - nice work here!

David Rountree

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really appreciate the feedback. We'll keep you posted on the official release. It will be around Halloween.

Arief Ash Shiddiq

Great concept. I am hooked. I hope it will be screened in Indonesia.

David Rountree

Thank you Arief. We do have an international sales agent who is putting the movie together for many foreign territories. The response has been very positive, so there is a good chance you will be able to see it. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the kind words.

Dennis DeVivo

Very interesting concept! I like it very much. I like being on the edge of my chair in a cold sweat watching movies like this. That entertainment! ;)

David Rountree

Thanks for the kind words!

Ila Weiss

Excellent trailer! Really well done with a very nice and balanced build up of the tension. Would love to see the movie! Congrats!!

James Michael McClain

Love a good thriller... nice trailer.

Lesa Babb

Great concept. Agreed, excellent pacing, really takes us down the ramp, so to speak. Congrats to you and your team! Keep us posted on the premiere.

Philip Cristian

Good job

Johnny Murillo

What an awesome trailer and concept!! Congrats!!!

David Rountree

Thanks Johnny. We really appreciate the kind words and support.

Dawn Gonchar

Awesome trailer! I'm sure this will do very well!

Kalisa Moore

David....Awwwwwetastic!!! Congrats to you and your Crew =)

David Rountree

Hi Kalisa. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Kalisa Moore

Absolutely David!

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