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Introduce Yourself : New to this web-based thing... by Stephan Stomberg

Stephan Stomberg

New to this web-based thing...

Hello, everyone. My name is Stephan Stomberg and in the midst of this pandemic I am starting writing and preproduction on a web-based (to start) travel show. Obviously I'm not going to be filming a thing until we can safe travel again but with the outside off-limits right now I have a good amount of free time to start writing the first couple of episodes.

So what the main theme here is: I'm looking for advice from anyone who has experience in web-based shows. I am just planning on throwing it up on YouTube when it is complete but I'm hoping someone has some pointers on marketing and advertising it's existence.

Thank you in advance for any help and encouragement.


Shabbir Siraj

Hello Stephan,

It's good to know that you're utilizing this downtime to create something you feel passionate about. The thing about web-based video content and especially travel themed shows is that they require interesting beats or moments, say every minute or two, to keep the audience hooked.

Start with places that you are familiar with and review a restaurant or cafe along the way. Once you have a completed episode featuring a restaurant or cafe, just create a graphic with the eatery's logo and the blurb "Recently featured on (your YouTube channel)" and take out an A4 size print. Then go to the eatery and ask them if they would display it for their customers. It's worth a try to get some eyeballs for your content.

Stay safe and good luck to you!

Phil Clarke

Great use of your time, Stephan. Let me know if you want to talk anything through.

Amanda Toney

Love this Stephan! I wanted to chime in as Keith Powell, who was on 30 ROCK and NEWSROOM taught a really great webinar for us about soup to nuts in creating a web series: https://www.stage32.com/webinars/How-To-Create-A-Webseries-on-a-Shoestri... and I also brought in web series producer Michael Wormser who has helped with building YouTube audiences: https://www.stage32.com/webinars/How-To-Grow-Your-Youtube-Audience-And-R.... Hope some of those are useful for you Stephan. Wishing you a ton of luck on putting it together - how fun!

Stephan Stomberg

Thanks so much for the great starting points everyone. I'll get to the webinars on my weekend and go out from this.

Kris Imants

Hey Stephan, I started a small YT-channel two months ago and it's just to have some fun with debunking fake history out there. I have to admit that I haven't really bothered with promoting it but I have gained some insights.

1/ Fill in the Tags and research which ones are trending. YouTube for some reason doesn't make this very clear but it makes a lot of difference.

2/ If you have an instagram/facebook/twitter page for your channel use those to promote it as well.

3/ Spend some time creating the thumbnail.

I have been thinking about doing some very short ones (2-3 min) about local historic/interesting sites but Belgium is under lockdown so it will not be anytime soon I'm afraid.

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