Introduce Yourself : Nice to Meet Everyone by Lee Chavis

Lee Chavis

Nice to Meet Everyone

I have been a member of Stage 32 since 2012 and have had the wonderful opportunity to connect and establish relationships with so many creatives here on the site. It just sort of dawned on me recently, however, that I have never "formally" introduced myself to the Stage 32 community, though I have done a lot of introductory handshaking behind the scenes. In any event, I look forward to establishing many more relationships as we plow ahead with our creative endeavors.

RJ Smith


Lee Chavis

Hi RJ, long time!

O'Shea Wright

Check out my screenplay/children's book site.

Candice O'Hart

I've been a member since 2012 as well! Hello! ;)

Jeffrey Mehlman

Hello Jeff Mehl here. i just sold a script to Sofia Vergara company. reading scripts helped me understand structure. I am the only person that will deal with scripts of future films -also have spec scripts just sold in the last months for 6 figures. For a free catalogue e-mail me at best with your writing

Amanda Toney

Lee I'm so glad you introduced yourself! Let us all know some of the goals you have here so you can expand your network even more. Great to have you here!

Lee Chavis

It's a great site, Candice!

Lee Chavis

That's great news, Jeffrey! Thanks for sharing!

Lee Chavis

Thank you, Amanda, and thanks for having me here on Stage 32! A real pleasure!

RJ Smith

How have you been Lee? Hit me up at

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