Introduce Yourself : Opportunity to turn our popular books into movies! by Michael Davie

Michael Davie

Opportunity to turn our popular books into movies!

Hi, I'm Mike Davie, President-CEO of Manor House and I invite film-makers to contact me via Stage 32: We've published truly outstanding works by such authors as Cliff Jackman (compared favorably with Stephen King and now with Random House, we hold all rights to his first novel and 2 collections of short stories); Ian Thomas (2 novels by this popular singer songwriter with mega hits Painted Ladies; Right Before Your Eyes, etc. and who has penned hits for America, Chicago, and other recording giants); Michael Bradley (3 books by this Holy Grail expert-consultant for the DaVinci Code and National Treasure movies); etc. and visit: - thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss - cheers!

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Valerie Michele Oliver

Thanks for introducing yourself, Michael. Just finished watching Stephen King's "Castle Rock" series. Loved it! DM message me if you consider new writing talent. Not for me though. I edited an excellent memoir recently for a friend with agent interest, and a chapter optioned already prior to publication by a playwright bringing it to theater. Just wanting to help others achieve success. Take care.

Warren Eig

Michael Davie are you looking to hire screenwriters to adapt the books to create a film slate?

Gary Jeanty

Michael Davie what advice would you give to someone like me currently writing a book but at one point like to format it to a script

David E. Gates

Don't wish to sound cynical, but look at - they seem to want you to do pretty much everything to make your book a success, so it brings into question what they'd actually do. As a publisher, I'd expect them to be telling me how they'd make my book a success.

Michael Davie

Thank you for your message David - Our pitch was focused on finding producers to turn our existing major titles into movies - and the publishing information I'll now provide may be available elsewhere on our website, but to briefly answer your question as to what Manor House does: We cover-arrange all pre-press, printing, ISBN listings, production costs and also provide an array of additional services also at no cost to the author, including interior and cover design-layout, final edits and work closely with our authors, providing decades of experience and editorial advice to ensure they love the title, subtitle and other elements of their book after lengthy discussion of their Work. We typically jointly go through hundreds of images to select the most effective cover image imaginable and then produce a professionally laid-out cover and interior (and often obtain review quotes etc. to include on cover). We devise highly effective promotional materials and market-distribute our books via Ingram, the world's largest books company and advertise new titles with them, reaching many thousands of retailers and libraries. As well, our titles receive ongoing full-page full colour catalogue displays in our own catalogue, plus our own outreach programs to many thousands of libraries and retailers and via social media, including LinkedIn where I’ve promoted via feature articles generating thousands of purchase-fueling views from my LinkedIn following (approx. 30,000 direct connections and 10s of thousands more via my groups). I also link to MHP website and catalogue. The above is in conjunction with our successful efforts re world-wide global market presence-promotions-penetration to make books available at major retailers and online sellers internationally such as Barnes & Noble in the US, Waterstones in the UK, Indigo in Canada, also independent stores etc. Plus promos of our books book at international book fairs via a network of rights agents for foreign rights sales of our titles – and this is yet another service Manor House provides at no cost to authors on an ongoing basis (should we succeed in selling foreign rights of your book, you would then receive 50% of net proceeds). But our catalogues, outreach programs and LinkedIn promos are likely our biggest sales drivers. We also arrange book-signings and other events and sometimes full national tours for our authors (in Canada, US, UK) and much more, including entering books for literary awards and coordinating all of these efforts with any efforts the author has taken on (we're also looking to expand movies rights sales, which is the subject of my Stage 32 posting). There's more, but this covers most of the key elements. Hope this helps - Best, - Michael

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