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Introduce Yourself : Optimizing my Connections by Seika Groves

Seika Groves

Optimizing my Connections

Greetings everyone... although I have been a member here since 2013 I have have been busy, busy and not taken the time to join into the community discussion etc. I am an actor of tv, film. theatre and voice and also coach other actors with voice, body language, accent and more. I am excited to have a little down time right now (Yes i know most actors are looking for work LOL ) I have taken this year off to focus on a tv show pitch and spend more time teaching other actors. I hope to be able to chat with you all and find out what exciting things you have going on... Cheers


Hi Seika; I wrote and registered a pitch and when the first interested producers couldn't produce, I shelved it. I was warned not to pitch to people I don't know. Wait...what? Do you or anyone else wanna share advice or insight on the topic of pitching to producers? My show is a Travel Network show.

Seika Groves

i have been lucky to have worked with a number of producers on other shows that I can pitch to as well I have a friend who does this for a living so she helps guide me to the right people. The one thing you do have to watch is that your ideas aren't stolen out from under you with no recompense. Have you contacted the Network themselves? i am not an expert in this area but what I do know is the network is a good place to start. If you have an opportunity to attend any conferences or even local film/television meet ups in your city those are good places to start also. Even think about producing a couple of pilot episodes yourself. If you do not have the capital see about raising it via crowd sourcing etc... I have had several friends who have been quite successful going this route.


Hi Seika, thanks for the advice. I found a list of companies that produce content for The Travel Channel including Scripps Network. I'll submit my demo reel and ask how they want to be pitched for a show idea and see what my intuition tells me. At the same time, I'll work to expand my network of professionals by attending industry events. Oddly enough, there are no film and TV Meetup groups in Miami so I'll have to search for a meetup outside the official Meetup network. Again, thanks.

Dawn Gonchar

Hello Seika, It is hard trying to balance making progress on your projects along with networking, keeping up with what's happening in your field, etc. I imagine teaching is very time consuming as well. Nice to have you back in touch!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome Seika, look forward to your posts and insights.

Murray Wasylnuk


Seika Groves

I just take each day at a time Dawn... I like to be busy so if i'm not working in the official capacity I create things to do. I teach/coach 2 nights out of my week unless i'm working on a gig.. but other then that I'm just trying to keep up with the Jones' like everyone else LOL

Seika Groves

Good Luck Antoinette... i'm sure you will find your niche. I find it odd Miami doesn't have a networking meet up.. may be you should start one once a month see what transpires... ;)

Seika Groves

Thanx for the friendly welcome everyone :)


Hi Seika, I bumped into the Meetup Lounge after posting here and posted a request. I"m sure something good will happen.

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