Introduce Yourself : Oregon Screenwriter / Music Video Producer by Dave Briski

Dave Briski

Oregon Screenwriter / Music Video Producer

Happy Friday-Eve! I'm a screenwriter/actor/producer from Salem Oregon looking for other filmmakers to chat/collaborate with. I've written/produced/acted in several crazy music videos (see my profile for links). I love creating fun music videos, but am hoping to branch out into features and short films. I am currently working on the third rewrite of a feature-length sci-fi / comedy spec script, but am also building ideas for several other stories including a mockumentary / web series about the land-locked people of an Oregon logging town in 1973. As I'm researching historical info from 1973 for my pilot screenplay, I'm always learning new things about what happened that year. For example; did you know that Pablo Picasso lived until 1973? Does anyone have any weird 1973 facts or favorite media from that time period they'd like to share with me? Looking forward to getting to know you all! Dave Briski

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

1973 Huh? Let me see!! I was 21 years old at the time. Memories! Hmm! Okay here goes: Apollo Moon Landings. Watergate Hearings. No, not much else. Good luck. Say hello to my BIG girlfriend below!

Richard "RB" Botto

Drove through Salem very recently, Dave. Nice town. Great to have you here, my friend.

Shawn Speake

Welcome to the family, Dave! That's what's up... How's your storycraft?

Ron Tomkins

Hi Dave, I'm a Composer for Audiovisual Media and I wanted to let you know that I'm available in case you need music for any of your projects.

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Dave!

Dave Briski

@ Steven - I know MASH and All In The Family were two popular shows back in 1973. I started re-watching MASH and found the cultural differences in regards to race and gender roles is so amazingly contrast to our current culture. Almost like post-Mad Men. I know it's just TV, but trying to capture the heart of a culture in a screenplay is more daunting than I had anticipated. @Richard - Salem is its own crazy little cultural bubble in Oregon, that's for sure. Glad it treated you well during your visit. @Shawn - Glad to meet you too, Shawn. My storycraft is always evolving. I'm open to advice, so feel free to share the wisdom! :) @Ron - I'll keep you in mind if I need music for my film projects. I'm also a musician, but I can't do everything. @Jake - Thanks, Jake! Glad to be among like-minded creatives!

Rutger Oosterhoff "The first cell phone call in 1973 was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola to his direct research rival Joel Engel of Bell Labs." "When the national highway speed limit was set at 55 mph, it had nothing to do with improving safety, but was intended to optimize fuel consumption after the 1973 oil crisis. It was repealed in 1995 and states could once again set their own limits." "There was a toilet paper shortage in the US caused by a joke on the Tonight Show that convinced people to hoard toilet paper. " The worlds most isolated tree, in the Sahara Desert, hundreds of miles away from anything, died when a drunk truck driver hit it. "Could be a killer for a ""Don't drive drunk" short.

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