Introduce Yourself : Original by Mladen Matula

Mladen Matula


I'm looking for new projects where "original" means "original" that derivates by "origin |ˈɒrɪdʒɪn| noun 1 (also origins) the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived

Pat Savage

Welcome to Stage 32 Mladen! Good luck with all you do and great success networking here :)

Jenny Deason Copeland

I hear you. I love originality and applaud it as well. Good luck in all you do.

Hope Williams

i have a great screenplay you might like...lets dialogue.

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

Hey there Mr. Matula - how does one go about pitching a movie/script concept to you?

Michael Chabler

A spy thriller on 22nd terra-formed Mars with a female lead?

Mladen Matula

Dear friends, sorry I was not back earlier. I was busie. I mean I'm looking for the projects as a DoP, not as a Producer. Would like to work on good original and ambitious projects. Thanks to all of you:)

Mladen Matula

Sure, spy thriller, why not.

Padma Narayanaswamy

I write women centric crossover scripts ? Are you interested?

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