Introduce Yourself : Owner/Founder MH43 Studios by Sunetra Perry

Sunetra Perry

Owner/Founder MH43 Studios

Dear All, I am very excited to have found Stage 32 .As a single mom of two kids and a business owner i have very little time to socialize and network for my business. Being a part of Stage 32 has now opened up huge possibilities for my studio which specializes in storyboard,2D animation and VFX. I am looking forward to learn new concepts and source more work. Creativity has to merge with a good business plan for success hence I have adopted a formula : (pre planning + good talent + quality + on time delivery )(client budget) = Client Satisfaction + Job Satisfaction.

Alejandra Perdomo

Hey Sunetra! Welcome to Stage 32! I couldn't agree more. You can't do much without a little business plan to back it up. What are you interested in doing with your storyboards, 2D animations and VFX?

Sunetra Perry

hi Alejandra ,thanks for the warm welcome, I want to eventually create my own episodic IP ,but for now i am trying to source work from channels and movies for my team.Let me know if you can help,I will appreciate it.

Maike Watson

Hi Sunetra, Welcome. I am proud of you for working hard at your business as well as being a single mom - I have seen family members of mine do it, keep at it. We are here to support you, and hopefully work with you one day.

Sunetra Perry

Thank you for your kind understanding and support. It helps just to know that there are so many out there facing similar situations and I Thank God everyday for the opportunities He brings my way. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Sunetra Perry

Hello Kathyryn

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