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Christena Devaney


Hello Everyone,

Let me say now it is great to meet you all. My name is Christena, I am Producer/Writer/Director/Actor in Chicago.

This all started for me as a kid when I knew I wanted to act, while I’m college I found my schools film program and from there I knew I wanted to behind the camera as well.

I am still pretty new at this point, I did a few interships and PA work in college. I did help with distribution and marketing of a feature film. Recently I helped produce a short horror film. I am currently line producing a film, we are in the early stages of pre-production and I will be moving on to being a co-producer as things go along. I am also social media marketing another film.

I can wear quite a few different hats, when I am not doing film work, I work in Wedding and Event Planning, which keeps my producing skills sharp. I will also do social media marketing on the side.

I am still learning because there is much I still do not know, like obtaining financing. Like anyone in the entertainment industry I am making still making connections. I am looking forward to being on this site with all you wonderful people. I am excited to learn more and grow as a filmmaker.

Marianne J Murphy

Our production company is called Creative Actors Alliance

Ryan McCoy

Hey, Christina! I'm based out of LA. If you need any thoughts or help, hit me up. I'm here to help.

Julian Montgomery

Hey Christena, welcome to the Stage!

Chad Stroman

Welcome Christena!

D. M. Souris

Hello Neighbor!! I have ot been up to Windy since my last time working in EMPIRE. I am back on Stage 32 after a bit of an absence. I worked on several productions The Chicago Code, BOSS, EMPIRE, . I was going through 4 Star, Extraordinary and Atmosphere Casting Agencies. I have a great idea for a TV Commercial for the Chantix Stop Smoking Company. I need some help to get this idea off the ground and on every TV set in the world if possible. P,ease contact me or send a friends request if interested . Best to you in all you do always. Sincerely, Danny M Souris

Adam Harper

Hello Christena, welcome to Stage 32!

Don Dobrez Jr

Hello Christena! Always great to see fellow Chicagoan's on Stage 32.

Shawn Speake


Lukas Flemming

Welcome to out little big community!

Anthony Moore

From a former Chicago native, Welcome.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Christena!

Christena Devaney

Thank you for the welcome everyone, I look forward to getting to know people more and please let me know if I can ever help.

D. M. Souris

You are so welcome Christena! My pleasure. I have not been on 32 for a few years. Other responsibility has carried me away. Moving 175 miles away from Chicago did not help but I am very happy here deep in the heart of Indiana farm country living. What a change in life style man, I feel lie I moved to Mayberry with Andy Griffith and Barney Fife Lol. I love shooting photos as well as playing music and singing, I have tried to Act. I havent had enough time on set watching and kearning what Actors and Directors are looking for , I have been on EMPIRE set and THE CHICAGO CODE aslo BOSS. Mario Van Peebles was Directing. Stand In and Extra is all Ive done on set but being with Actors like Jennifer Beals Delroy Lindo Michael Rooker and Terrence Howard was a learning process for me. While others were selfish crowding them . I was doing things lime standing in the freezing temps of Chicago to open and close the huge brass and glass door without being asked. She thanked me every time . Everybody else stood inside staying warm because it was about 10 degrees outside. I would observe what Actors did to work with production and direction working together like an orchestra of creativity. I noticed how they looked ahead as they filmed their scenes . Watching Crew work was also Amazing. Like ants building an anthill WOW, It was gangbusters between shoots. I watched when I could from a distance unless I was a Stand In. I learned an awful lot by being hands on training without my shot to Act. Directors kept moving me closer and closer to the cameras and involving me instead of making me leave like others had to. I was allowed to watch and help in anyway. Staying out of the way quietly unless I was spoken to was the best lesson . I did shoot a Columbia Collage Short. Nothing In The Dark, A young man needed me because one of his Actors got sick so I went with No Sypnosis Or Time To Rehearse with the Cast . Talk about a Cold Reading LOL. Please forgive me for writing so much. I want you to know more about me. How else can we ever possibly shoot films or help each other if we dont network and talk . Thank You for reading. I hope to talk again . If you look at my profile youll see me singing and playing guitar. Please do . Thanks again. Dano

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