Introduce Yourself : Producer, Writer, Paratrooper, Bulldog Lover, Math Geek by Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin

Producer, Writer, Paratrooper, Bulldog Lover, Math Geek

First, the light stuff. I love life, laughter, friendship, and family. I’m a native Angeleno, but lived abroad for 11 years, and my mother’s side of the family is Thai. I enjoy math, crosswords, bulldogs, and gymnastics. My adventurous nature has been expressed through being a paratrooper commander and making documentary shorts in Afghanistan with Afghan crews. Fine food is wasted on me, yet I like craft beers. One bite of dessert is enough. I’m an ENTJ and am Team Cap all day long. Meeting new people feeds my soul. Mentoring others feeds my brain. Helping a friend feeds my heart. My love for TV has roots on Gilligan’s Island and my love for films came from the Planet of the Apes. Retelling a story for the tenth time can still choke me up and many YouTube videos can make me cry in Starbucks. My greatest fear is abandonment, not clowns nor public speaking. Animals like me, kids find me funny, and beautiful women feel comfortable with me. My greatest flaw and strength is being an eternal optimist. I have a grown son, Collin – a good guy.

Now for street cred.

As a producer and co-president of Emerald Elephant Entertainment, I have produced four feature films – all acquired for distribution – and have eight in development, three of which we’re currently shopping around. Two of my films are on Amazon Prime Video, Good Boy by Patrick Roddy and DIY by Derek Griffith. I am on the PGA’s Education, Mentoring, and One Guild committees. There was an article about me in the Produced By magazine October/November 2018 issue.

As a writer, I’ve written two feature film screenplays, one of which was a PAGE Awards quarter-finalist and selected for the Producers Guild’s Power of Diversity Master Workshop. I was subsequently invited to be a mentor in that phenomenal program. I’m a member of Imagine Entertainment’s invitation-only Impact Community, 600 writers out of 11,000 applicants. I’m an alumnus of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project and have continued as a volunteer in that training. I’ve written a memoir and edited another. I’ve been published in The Hollywood Reporter (“Oscars' Diversity Dilemma: A Mathematical Solution to Parity in Voting”), Produced By (“The Case for Hiring Veterans”), Small Wars Journal (“Afghanistan – The Sun is Rising”), and Notre Dame Business magazine (“Leadership”).

An active member of Veterans in Media and Entertainment, I’m a former Army major who commanded a paratrooper unit, served in Afghanistan in special operations, and later returned as the media production advisor to General Petraeus. I was a visiting film producer at the University of Notre Dame and taught at the Los Angeles Film School for four years. I have an undergrad business degree from Notre Dame and an MBA from Boston University. Notre Dame honored me with an Exemplary Asian Pacific Alumni Award.

Wayne Jarman

That's a very impressive Bio and Introduction, Brian. Congratulations on your achievements.

Wishing you every success!

Daisy White

Congratulations on your amazing achievements!

Tracey Collis

Hi Brian

Great to read about your achievements.

Once you are auditioning I would love you to view my SHOWREEL

I am biting at the bit to get back to acting as Covid has been an unwanted intruder.

Tracey Sarah Collis

Hi all fellow film makers, worldwide...hope you are all SAFE!

I’ve returned to acting after 35yrs as a Production Designer.

Born in Berkshire, UK, my parents immigrated to Cape Town, South Africa when I was 3. After graduating from UCT Drama School I immediately followed my true passion of acting on Stage and Screen. A few awards later I found the media attention too much and lost my nerve in front of the camera and turned to the Art Department.

Late in 2018 I realized that it was acting I was after and it’s never too late.

2 Supporting ID DISCOVERY roles and 2 feature leads quickly followed.

My partner and I decided it was time to move back to Europe and arrived in Perigueux in December, 2019. I immediately landed a Boston Scientific advert in Paris, and as Covid slowed down the industry I also landed the lead In SAVE ROSEMARY, a feature filmed remotely by 12 women worldwide. Last week I was meant to fly to London for a good Netflix role but 2 days prior, UK announced a 14 day quarantine for French visitors, red lighting me for the role. Sad but my determination will always drive me forward and I look forward to my next acting opportunity.

Sara Dee

What an amazing life you've had and you live in the film heaven of the world so, to my mind, it's not surprising you've kept up with the film work. Once bitten it'll never leave you.

I'd love to come back to California. My first film show there was a short called Flash Back. I think I stayed awake for 50 hours, given the flight and screening schedule, before I slept well at the Beverly Hilton. It rained every day I was there except for one hour when I visited the walk of fame via a London sightseeing bus (I live in London so it wan't that novel a ride for me) Aa rainbow came out and the end of it led to the Chinese Theatre. Magical!

I loved reading about your sensitive nature. That is so, so sweet. I bet you're a great Dad and fabulous tutor.

I met my 21 year old cousin in the lobby of the Hilton for the first time. His Dad, my uncle, died when he was 4 years old. I saw him by the christmas tree, we made a beeline for each other and just hugged for the longest time. Never, ever felt such a swell of emotion. Family ties are so, so strong despite distance. You would have felt the vibe and cried I'm sure.

Thanks for saying hello. Your biog is a fabulous read. Obviously inspired me !! Have a great day.

Tasha Lewis


Brian McLaughlin

I'm just seeing these comments, four months late - I'm sorry. Thank you all!

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