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Producer looking for scripts

Hello, I'm a producer currently looking for psychological thriller scripts in a final form. I've produced hit shows for A&E, Spike, Syfy, TLC, Speed, CBS, CNN..... Looking forward to interacting with the community during this journey. Jen

Steve Dawson

Jennifer, I have a finished script that might meet your criteria. It is a combo of Wall Street and Identity. I have a production company and would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss further. Thanks.

Crystal Diane Stevens

Hi Jennifer, I have one available. It's roughly 90 pages, high concept/low budget with small cast and limited locations. I can send over a logline, credits, bio and script at your address. Please let me know. Thanks.

Ben Campbell

Hi Jennifer, Good to see you on Stage 32. I wish you more success with your projects and discovering psychological thriller scripts that will scare the hell out of everybody. Take care, and I'll see you here on Stage 32.

Vanessa Youngblood-Brown

Jennifer, great to meet you. I don't have this genre, I do have several feature comedies and a few short, dramas. Please pass on to anyone you think may be interested. My feature comedy "Running South has gotten great reviews. I've also written a short that deals with race issues, "Lies in Black and White", this will step on some toes. If you need music for your thriller, check out, my husband and I also own a small music production company on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast, Righttrack Records. Be blessed!

David S Cuellar

Hello Jennifer, I have a dramatic thriller ready called, Guardian of the Red Butterfly, which I also turned into a novel. The novel has its own facebook page if you would like to take look. I can send you a 2 page pitch if you like? I have a thriller that might fit what you are looking for with Dead to Rights, It's about a photojournalist who must lean to trust an assassin who was hired to kill her husband who is a notable district attorney. I will be pitching Guardian of the Red Butterfly and Dead to Rights the weekend of June 20th at the Great American Pitchfest in Burbank. If you would to take a look at them before I go, I would be glad to send you a copy. I also have Thrillogy along the lines of Karen Black's Trilogy of Terror called, Deadline: A Thrillogy. I can put together a written pitch for you as well if you are interested. Thank you for your time.... Dave

Felix Mahone

Hello Jennifer. That's my genre. I have included a link to my video elevator pitches of current screenplays.

Jacob Greenberg

I offer a screenplay "PERMANENT SHADOWING PROJECT" that was awarded at “The Screenplay Festival” (semi final). Logline: An FBI science adviser uses a visible shadowing technique against the Mafia that allows him to get to criminal leaders through small drug dealers.

Nicola Pittam

Hey Jennifer I don't have a psychological thriller at the moment - but I do have a TV pilot titled House of the Rising Sun, inspired by the famous Animals' song of the 60s, it's a female led drama - let me know if you'd like to take a look !

Sean Ryan

Hi Jen. Are you looking for feature or TV scripts?

Jason Levy

Hello Jennifer! I have a psychological thriller script about a teenager who's suspected of killing his father though it's not in final form.

Eric Thomas

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to be so forward by sending a message before you even connect. But, I think my writing partner and I, and the studio we are working with have a great project and would love to send you our Pilot. Thank you again.

Valerie Michele Oliver

Just saw this post, Jennifer. Psychological thriller feature film query on it's way now. Stage 32 has been good for networking to me, so I look forward to this trend continuing. :-)

Jacob Greenberg

Hi Jennifer, I offer a new concept screenplay, "Permanent Shadowing Project". Thriller. Logline. An FBI science advisor uses a visible shadowing technique against the Mafia. And an original screenplay "Taboo Establishment ". Thriller. Logline. Dr. Wallis experiments with rats according to the principle of collective punishment, which leads the rats to begin affecting people’s minds.

Marilyn Du Toit

Hi Jennifer, I am working on one... The Orderly. Can I send you a logline and synopsis? My tagline: A hospital can be a very lonely place...

Robert David Olsen

Check out the job I have posted on my page.... Looking for production funding... Script is finalized and copyrighted....

Dinah Miller

What kind of psychological thriller? Crime? Drama? Do you have film examples? Do you have a filming location preference? Thanks.

Monique Mata

Hi Jennifer, I'm currently working on a psychological thriller spec that I hope to query you with once it's ready. If you're open to a suspense thriller, THE TURNING SEASON is "a somber and yet riveting story...very well executed slow burn suspense thriller that uses restraint, foreshadowing, and appropriately placed it builds to towards its conclusion."

Gareth Mollison

Hi Jennifer, I have a kick ass psych thriller called INCARNATIONS, aimed at the teenage market. This screenplay introduces the Next Life Corporation which could be the vehical for francise spin offs. Incarnations is a big budget endeavour with huge potential. Let me know if you like to read.

Duncan Whitcombe

Hi Jennifer. Judging by earlier discussions I have seen, you certainly won't lack for offers of scripts and log lines. Have fun as the world descends onto your inbox.. until it takes on a life of its own....

Sean Ryan

Hi Jennifer. Are you still looking for a script?

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