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Balikoowa Joshua


Hey guys,I need advise.Just sent my script to producer and he reviewed it.He says it needs to be polished and fine tuned for ready production.He asked me to pay $1200 for his company to polish my script and then we can discuss the next step for production.Isn't that too much money? Should I have to pay them or they should pay me,buy the script and develop it themselves.

Derek Reid

I mean, either I can "polish" a draft myself or they can buy the script and do whatever with it. I've got a feeling you could light $1,200 on fire and not be the worse off.

Brett Williams

ill polish it for a buck

Balikoowa Joshua

Williams,what could be your take? Can you discuss in detail?

Bryn Chamberlain

There is an entire cottage industry that has sprung up around aspiring writers and filmmakers, charging a fee to move incrementally forward in a dream. Contests, script services, the producer you describe may offer some lip service but ultimately you will be no further ahead. Further, this route can end up being very expensive and is cluttered with charlatans. I believe, and I think there are many on this forum that would agree, that if the project, script, concept is truly viable, the Producers pay you, not the other way around.

Sean Lovelady

Bryn is 100% right. It is kinda like music. If the song is good one of two things may go down. They will call to start working with you and pay you, or they will re-wright your song and rip you off.

Copyright only cost around $35.00 for multiple items. I uploaded like 30 songs and could have uploaded more. They gave me two weeks to upload all I wanted for the $30.00 Now keep in mind it was straight to the gov site and it was hard to navigate. It takes about 3 to 6 months but your work is covered that day. Then you get a list of all items.

Gustavo Freitas

Sounds like a scam to me. Did you check his IMDb credits?

Balikoowa Joshua

I tried to check his IMDb credits and I couldn't find them.His website is currently suspended.He is a bullshit and a scam for real.

Shawn Speake

What's good, B! Forget about it and post a picture. The shadow can come off as shady. Give it good smile like your boy. Be happy. Life is good. And you're here. You're good!

Balikoowa Joshua

Thank you all for your guidance and encouragement.Like most of you said that i should get away from the producer.I did.Just checked on his website and it has been suspended.Thank you all.It is a journey of learning.

Shawn Speake


Shawn Speake

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Don Diego

Shouldn’t pay for the development but consider paying for the production. Look what and who is on board and pick.up a moving train.

Pierre Langenegger

I'm late to this party. Any Producer that asks you to pay money for anything is scamming you. Walk away as this deal will lead to nothing but you being $1200 worse off.

RC Armstrong

Ask him what kind of polish he would be using? Then tell him you would be glad to let them polish it up for 300K

Balikoowa Joshua

Thank you for contributions.I never had dime for a scammer.Moved away long time.Life is good and all things are possible.I have got to press on with a courageous smile perhaps will reach mars.

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