Introduce Yourself : Production Stills Photographer by Curtis Clegg

Curtis Clegg

Production Stills Photographer

I am a production stills photographer in Illinois but I will work wherever jobs take me. I only discovered how much I love working on movie sets about three years ago and now I can't get enough of it! I wish more producers would give serious consideration to having a dedicated stills photographer on their sets - the benefits are numerous but I won't go into detail here (I list many of the reasons on my website). A cell phone snap or a video frame grab is just not the same.

Harry W. Walters

Hey Curtis, I agree with you and thanks for inviting me to join your network.

Beka I Am

I agree to and as a part-time stills photographer...I too am hoping for more work of this ilk...but btw....msg me about a possible gig on 8/30.

David Suszek

I don't work at it, but I love what a good still can do to capture the tone of a production, and to help market the production to whoever. Good luck!

Mara Sanchez

I agree.

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