Introduce Yourself : Raindance film Festival's new pitch competiton by Elliot Grove

Elliot Grove

Raindance film Festival's new pitch competiton

I run Raindance Film Festival. We are alweays on the prowl for new talent!

We've a brand new 125 word short story competition - "The Pitch Is Back!"

Win Raindance bling!

Deadline is May 31st. You can enter as often as you like!

Details and Submissions here:

Djamel Jiji

Hello everyone onstage32; good news my book called the Invaders ofdreams recently has been published on Amazon Format Kindle. plaese follow the link bellow to download the book. The book it's a Fantasy story with a new fantasy characters in it.

Djamel Jiji

Martina Cook

Hi Elliot, thanks for sharing! :)

Tony Ginn

Thanks! Will give it a read!

Djamel Jiji


The invaders of dreams, tells the story of Jasmine, a little girl of six years old, who witnessed the horrific deaths of her father and her best friend Sara during a raid on her village in a unnamed land under occupation. To escape her world jasmine builds a holy world only for children that no adult can enter in, the realm of dreams. As the queen of her magical kingdom, she sentences war, embargo and the forces of evil to death in front of all inhabitants of the kingdom.

But even in this dreamland there are enemies. The bloodthirsty King Walker decids to invade the realm of dreams, thinking his weapons of mass destruction can destroy the kingdom. For this mission he chooses his faithful commander Rams, a cunning henchman who knows that to be able to travel to the realm of dreams and return safely he needs the benediction of the great witch of King Walker’s kingdom, the sorceress Elena. Rams makes it to the realm of dreams, but while confronting the angels of truth (half bird, half human being), and in front of the spirits of the victim’s children who were murdered in the last attack against the Freedom school (led by Rams himself), he cries and turns to dust. After the death of the major Rams, Elena decides to prove that she is the most powerful sorceress in the kingdom, sending the genius girl Liza, who been born in the six day of the six month of the six year. She was born with the 6/6/6 the evil mark on her left shoulder.

Will King Walker succeed in destroying the realm of dreams? And does this holly world where weapons of mass destruction have no effect on Jasmine and her best friend Sara really exist?

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