Introduce Yourself : Raphael Bittencourt - writer/director/producer by Raphael Botelho Bittencourt

Raphael Botelho Bittencourt

Raphael Bittencourt - writer/director/producer

Hey there!I'm a writer-director-producer based in LA and new to the Stage32 universe. I do have some projects (features and series) of my own in development and, in the mean time (while working in the projects funding), I do frequently edit and DP for some creative partners. Looking forward expanding my network, interacting with the community and collaborating/participating in other projects.Nice to meet you!

Raphael Bittencourt
Raphael Bittencourt
Raphael Bittencourt, Producer: Bid. Raphael Bittencourt is a Brazilian Writer-Director-Producer that emerged from the more technical roles of Editing and Direction of Photography. Carrying already a f…
Pamela Bolinder

Raphael, hi! Welcome.

Chad Stroman

Welcome Raphael!

Derek Reid

Nice to meet you Raphael!

Iga D. Ronnie

Pleasure having you here. What kind of production do you specialize in Raphael?

Adam Harper

Hey Raphael!

Raphael Botelho Bittencourt

Hi Iga, I have produced mostly independent fiction movies and commercial/corporate materials, but I had my share of music videos and Doc too. Within the fiction movies, mostly dramas and crime/thrillers.

James Drago

Hey Raphael!

Raphael Botelho Bittencourt

Nice to meet you all and many thanks for adding me to your networks!!

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