Introduce Yourself : Reintroducing myself by Bruno Bizarro

Bruno Bizarro

Reintroducing myself

Hey everyone!

I'm a film and tv composer from Lisbon, Portugal but I actually work on projects all around the world. Right now, I'm working on several stuff, like 2 tv pilots, a short film and webseries.

You can listen to some of my work here: and I'll also put a video of one of my works. Would love to get to know people that really have a passion for film and actually make films.

Thank you!

Derek Reid

Nice to meet you Bruno! Some of my family is from Portugal (Grandmother is full Portuguese and my mother was born there). Hoping to be able to visit the place sometime in the future. Good luck with all your work!

Bruno Bizarro

Cool! Thank you Derek

Shahriar Bourbour

The music is awesome Bruno. May I ask if it's live or synthesized? If Synthesized, what software and sample library do you recommend? --All the best

Chad Stroman

I really like the above composition. Has a little bit of a Michael Giacchino/Super 8 vibe mixed with a bit of Jeremy Soule. What are some of your inspirations?

Olyvia Bollin

I am simply looking at it as the "recipient", but I found it most enjoyable and engaging.

Theresa Joy Lorenzetti

wow. thanks for the listen. i hope to have something that works for you.

Bruno Bizarro

Shahriar, thank you! All of that is synthesized. It depends, because you might prefer to use a specific software because of the sound or if its user friendly or not. But East West, Spitfire and Cinematic Studio Series for example are some of the favourites.

Bruno Bizarro

Thank you Chad. Actually my influences are (as far as I am aware of) John Williams, Danny Elfman, Bernard Hermmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Basil Poledouris, Jean-Michel Jarre, and some others

Bruno Bizarro

Thank you Olyvia!

Bruno Bizarro

Thank you Theresa!

Pamela Bolinder

Hi there. Unforgettable last name! =) Wink.

Bruno Bizarro

Hello Pamela, welcome! Yes and it is really my family name. Eheheh

James Drago

Nice work!

Bruno Bizarro

Thank you James!

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