Introduce Yourself : Revved Up! by Socorro Jones

Socorro Jones

Revved Up!

Hey Awesome Artists, Visionaries & Craftsmen!! My name is Socorro but you can call me Soco! I am a Producer, Casting Director, Location Manager and a Dramatic, Comedic & Commercial Actress with other special skills that I hope to share with you on or off Set!! Love to get it done and get that Dream up yet super laid back and love to clown after the deadlines are met! I just put a Series/Pilot up while I was defeating the hell out of Breast Cancer! ayyeee! Never missed a day on Set or a chance to laugh! whut whut!! Gave me the challenge of my life and the beautiful skills to go along with it!! If I'm honest...Coming down from the high of the deadlines, urgency the nonstop phones and crew and cast calling me is a bit of a crash. Sounds nutty but I'm like wait why does it feel like the lights went out?? Lol! Anybody go through this? Any feedback at all on that would be great! Introduce yourself ;-) All the vibes to you all in your artistic journey!

Adam Harper

Lovely to meet you Socorro :-) Welcome to Stage 32!

Pamela Bolinder

Hello Socorro! Welcome

Eric Walker

Congrats on everything! Amazing story!

Diane Loren

Thank you for Sharing your story Socorro, Inspiring!!

Roger Ellman

Well done, in fact,'re a champion. Coming down from anything is a.....come-down, most understandable. Any time new concepts, dreams to create into wonder and amazement comes into focus...or those tickling initial ripples indicate a future thing, let me know!!

Socorro Jones

Pleasure to meet you all! Thanks for the welcomes!

Cherelynn Baker

...and head shot on point! Lookin' good! Welcome to S32!

Urban Bergsten

Know the feeling. After every completed project I am always left empty. Separation angst from the filming family is only one reason. The void that opens up, if you do not have something more or less back to back, to dive into, can go on for weeks. For me, anyhow. It is a struggle every time. Hard being addicted :)

Aray Brown

Pleasure to meet you Socorro Jones

Eric L. Williams

Nutty or not, I know where you're coming from. From college to present-day, I always need some time at the end of every project to recover from the high. Only my fellow actors ever understood. I think that we all eventually get to a point where the recovery is great fuel to prepare for the next one.'re a rockstar for not letting breast cancer get you down.

Enzo de Rosa

Hi Soco, welcome and best wishes for your projects!


Jon-Mark Hurley

What a wonderful name!

Socorro Jones

Just want to send out an awesome thanks for sharing everyone! So cool to feel related to! Sending peace of mind to you all and all the vibes on this Artistic/Personal growth journey! I just finished rehearsals so I was pulled away from the site but reading these is so warm and fuzzy for me! I'm not crazy hahaha...welllll, the jury still out and anyway I'm not alone and that feels good so Thanks all and looking forward to staying in touch!! #allthewayup!

Richard "RB" Botto

Love your energy and drive, Soccoro!

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