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Sari Edelstein

Sari Edelstein, PhD

Hi Everyone:

I am a book author and screenwriter and am seeking representation on my comedy script titled Rocbait. This is great for the Me Too Movement and a heck of a lot of fun! Dream Stars: Lisa Kudrow and Ian Zwerling. Of course, I will consider Melissa McCarthy. LOL!

Good luck everyone!

Rockbait: In 2006-7, some 30 housewives and I followed a 1980s band on a revival tour throughout the US and Canada. We tried to relive our youth and donned our daisy dukes and midriffs. We were a sight to behold. Oddly enough, the band was not interested in us until we planted a beautiful girl in the crowd who got tapped to attend the afterparties. Our plan worked and we followed our rock bait right into the inner sanctum of the rock world, the afterparties. Concert after concert, we found a way into the afterparties as we got bolder and the band got more desperate to keep us out. We tried everything; including staying at their hotels and hanging out with their back-up singers. We were shameless.The screenplay is chocked full of our madcap ideas to get the band's attention. This is a true story which was too embarrassing to tell until now! Why now? Request the script to find out.​

Sari Edelstein,PhD

Author of 14 books

Anthony Osarfo

I will be glad to have your attention on a proposal - adapting my screenplay into a novel. Hope you accept my request so we take it from there.

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