Introduce Yourself : Saying Hi From AFM by Samantha Van Sickle

Samantha Van Sickle

Saying Hi From AFM

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha Van Sickle, and I am a producer/actor based in Atlanta, GA. I am President/CEO of Time Fray Productions, and am currently in Santa Monica for AFM. Wanted to introduce myself and start a thread for whoever else may be at the market!


Robert Russo

Welcome to Stage32. Theres plenty of great people here. Could you tell us about what got you into film and what type of projects catch your attention?

Luca Mannea

Hello Samantha, welcome on Stage 32! Nice to meet you :)

James Welday

Samantha Van Sickle welcome, and pleased to meet you!

Badar Hussain Malik

Hi Samantha. Welcome!

Abraham Steven

Welcome Samantha

Samar Khalefa

Welcome Samantha Van Sickle glad to see you here

Badar Hussain Malik

Hi Samantha, nice to have you here! I'm a script writer/screen writer and have written multiple scripts for selling. Are you interested in buying any scripts for producing?

Maurice Vaughan

Welcome to the community, Samantha Van Sickle. Have you met Richard "RB" Botto and Amanda Toney at AFM? RB founded Stage 32, and Amanda is Stage 32's Managing Director.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

I am not going to the AFM here, but I will be shooting in Atlanta in the new year. Would be interesting to connect.

Omar Tyson

Hey Samantha welcome

Wayne Jarman

Welcome, Samantha. Enjoy AFM. (Very envious!)

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