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Lawrence Q. Griffin

Screen Writing

Hello Everybody, I Need Some Advice. Im Currently Writing My First Movie Script, I Need To Know How Do I Go About Writing It? Im A Videographer Trying To Create My First Movie

Rayna W.

There are several screenwriting books you should take a look at. I recommend Linda Aronson's The 21st Century Screenplay.

Lawrence Q. Griffin

thank you

Boomer Murrhee

The Screenwriter's Bible by David Trottier comes to mind. It is a great reference for formatting questions.

Anika Ray

Check out Syd Field's The Screenwriter's Workbook, and Michael Lent's Breakfast With Sharks (this one's about pitching the screenplay and such).

Andy Salmen

I would look at Vogler and Blake Snyder as I find a mix of the two give you what you need to structure it.

Lawrence Q. Griffin

thanx everybody, and hey anika i see you have an account on here,,

Ray Dainton

read Save the Cat...

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

I started with The Screenwriter's Bible (David Trottier), screenwriting for dummies, and another one that I forget the title of. Also, DEFINITELY use screenwriting software. Do not attempt to do all the margins yourself. There's a great thread on this under the stage32 screenwriter's lounge re. software options. Also, I just discovered the goodinaroom blog. It's full of great info. This might help (it's only $10) Most importantly, as a local nutbar writer (Bonnie Kogos) once said to me in her New York accent, "I got one thing to say to you: Ass On Chair". Happy Writing!

Lawrence Q. Griffin

thanx, will do

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Lawrence!

Lawrence Q. Griffin


Robert Harris

The screenwriter's bible was a great help to me. Also there is a book called "why your screenplay sucks." I forget the author though.

Joshua Hawks

Robert, I believe you mean 'Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make It Great' by William M. Akers. Great book, especially for rewrites.

JD Hartman

Why not shortcut and skip all the B.S. and collaborate with one of the tens of thousands of screenwriters who have scrips that will likely never see the light of day> This will allow you to concentrate on creating the moving image and the dozens of other little details that go into creating a film. Better to great at few skills than mediocre at many.

Lawrence Q. Griffin

well im almost finished with the ruff draft of my 1st script im writing, i already know i will have to rewrite it after im finished, but i love it so far, i love where its going, but thanx everybody for the advice

Evette Betancourt

I recommend a more formal route. Taking classes and watching webinars. Depending on your location you can take some courses at a Jr. college. Good luck

Lawrence Q. Griffin


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