Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter by Jerry Robbins

Jerry Robbins


Hi Everyone, I've been on Stage 32 for about two years; I started writing Audio Drama's 23 years ago, and through my company Colonial Radio Theatre I produced about 700 productions, and wrote 480 audio drama scripts - everything from half hour comedies, to nine hour full cast productions of classic books (Captain Blood, Treasure Island, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow).

I also had the honor of working with Ray Bradbury, bringing four of his titles to full cast audio - Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Tree, and for the first time, a full length version of The Martian Chronicles.

In 2016 I shifted over to screenplays (having worked on and off on my first one for many years, learning how to write for film), and have since completed eight features. I recently sold my first screenplay, The Legend of Lake Hollow. My current project is a comedy, and I have another horror and Christmas script planned after that. Always keeping busy, always pitching.

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Jerry, an impressive list of projects! Ray Bradbury? Working with him would be an honor. Good luck with all your many works!

Jerry Robbins

Thanks, Susan. Yep, I had just signed with my publisher, Blackstone Audio, and literally four days later they asked if I would like to work with Ray Bradbury who wanted his DANDELION WINE presented as an audio drama. It was one of those "pinch me it can't be real" moments. It was a great experience, and the day he heard the final edit, he asked me if I would do "Something Wicked" - I said yes - and he set it up through his agents. We ended up doing two more. He was a great guy and very supportive.

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Awesome! He's as cool as I imagined he would be from his writing.

Vincent Paterno

Radio drama has a wonderful heritage, much of it linked to Golden Age Hollywood and shows such as "Lux Radio Theater":

Jerry Robbins

He was indeed. I asked him if he had a script for THE HALLOWEEN TREE, when we decided it would be our next production (we worked off his stage scripts for DANDELION WINE and SOMETHING WICKED). he said he didn't, "but get the book, cut out all the exposition, and you're left with the dialog. I write books like scripts." That's pretty much what a did - thought it was a bit more involved.

Jerry Robbins

True, Vincent. That's how I learned how to write for radio. Long before there were home computers, I would send for cassettes of Lux, Screen Guild Players, etc. I would play them on a cassette, a bit at a time, hit "pause," type the line and the direction, and repeat the process. I just did it as a hobby at first - but after doing so many scripts, I decided to write an original, and they were done in the style of those old shows - fast paced, lots of music bridges, underscores.

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