Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter by Namutebi Angella

Namutebi Angella


Hello stage32 community , Am Angella screenwriter . I ask for your help I want to compete in screen writing content in 2020 , anybody who knows the best screenwriting competition that i can join . Thankx

Happy Holidays .

April Jones

Hi, look into I won a grant from them in the past. They are a great resource and have grants, contest, and workshops. They are located in LA but you do not have to be local. Good luck!

Anthony Moore

Hi. I advise new writers to start with smaller contests. If you are a new writer, you don't want to enter the best contests as you would have almost no chance. Check out, it provides a list of contests. You can search for ones that match your experience level and style of writing, if you really want to give yourself the best chance of having a chance. Some even provide feedback as part of your entry fee.

Good Luck.

Namutebi Angella

Hi Anthony , that's good idea thank you .

Namutebi Angella

Hello Jones , thank you too .

Art Thomas

Hello Namutebi:

Congrats on your screenplay. Getting it done is 90% of the battle. In addition to what has already been suggested, I offer as a possible outlet.

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