Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter by Clayton Dudzic

Clayton Dudzic


Cheers to my creative mates. My name is Clayton. Really enjoy hanging out with creatives in here. I just completed my first Comedy script. Been writing very long time and even though I'm self taught, the writing process has educated me very well on the world of Procrastination; The single #1 killer of a good written script. The creative gene in us writes it out, but the editor gene in us needs to see clearly, what is not working and it must be chopped up, deleted, changed and know when to pause or step back to make it great. What ever project you're working on, keep working as hard at it as you can, but stick the thought deep into your subconscious mind to finish it until you have it all polished up completely.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

I'm a comedy writer as well! Who are your influences?

Clayton Dudzic

Some of John Hughes stuff. But films like Dodgeball: A True Under dog story, Liar Liar, where good slap stick comedy is great to watch. The comedy script that I just completed was written for, Ben Stiller as the main character.

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