Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter/ CEO of Aray Brown Entertainment by Aray Brown

Aray Brown

Screenwriter/ CEO of Aray Brown Entertainment

Hey everyone! Hope you're staying safe and taking care of your mental health.

I've been writing for awhile but didn't pursue it professionally until I joined Stage 32 in 2015. I've been MIA on here due to everything that's going on in the world and getting myself together mentally.

I just want to tell stories and inspire people.

I almost finished with my web series and am excited for the next steps.

How are ya'll doing?

Julio Torres

Hi Aray! Doing ok, in the middle of a hurricane here at Mexico. Good luck with your web series!

Karen E Ross

Hey, Aray Brown! Thank you for the well-wishes and good to see you again! And might I say KUDOS on connecting with so many Stage32 members! Work it, girl!

Oh, dude... I feel that hermit status LOL! Congrats on that web series! When you say "finish", do you mean finish writing it or finish filming it? Either way - KEEP GOING! If you've finished writing it, maybe you could host a virtual table reading. You could reach out on the Acting Lounge to generate interest:

Also, I'm sure you know already, but I really found today's blog on mental health reassuring:

Speaking of which - I gotta get some sun before it goes down! I look forward to hearing more about your journey, love! * long-distance high-five *

Aray Brown

Stay Safe Julio! Thank you

Aray Brown

Hey Karen E Ross i mean almost finished writing... well rewriting. two more epsidoes to go. Thank you! I will definitely reach out to the acting lounge

Wayne Jarman

Welcome back, Aray. Congratulations on the progress!

Anthony Moore

Welcome back, Aray. Stay safe and keep pushing forward.

Erick Freitas

Welcome back!

Aray Brown

Thank you Wayne Jarman Anthony Moore Erick Freitas ! Stay safe

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