Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter, Novelist, Graphic novelist by Lee Tidball

Lee Tidball

Screenwriter, Novelist, Graphic novelist

Hi! I'm a writer in Northern CA, have been doing it for over ten years now. I have a manager and an entertainment attorney in Hollywood, and currently market around ten projects around Hollywood. I've also taken to novelizing my scripts in various ways to get my story out to the masses, build an audience, and maybe get some Hollywood recognition along the way. I've published one script (PRINCESS REBORN, a family sic-fi action/adventure) as a graphic novel series with Zeta Comics of Toronto, Canada, and another, MALLED, A Tale of Revenge, as a "straight" YA novel in the horror/thriller genre (Short On Time Books). It's currently the #9 Best-seller in Amazon's Fiction and Literature category in their Kindle Store, and in the midst of a Free Promo Weekend (July 19-21-cost of ebook, $0.00). Feel free to head over to Amazon if intrigued and check either book(s) out. I've got a couple new scripts (another family sic-fi adventure and a children's animated TV pilot) doing well in the PAGE Intn'l Screenwriting Awards so far, and am working on a couple more script-to-novel projects for Short On Time Books, something I'm gaining quite a lot of experience at if anyone is thinking of doing the same. Love to share my insights. It's nice to be here at Stage 32, and I look forward to making many new connections and expanding my network here! You can keep up with me, as well as read my killer movie reviews (grin) at Cheers!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome aboard, Lee...Congratulations on all your success. The screenwriting community here is talented and friendly. Be sure to check in on the Screenwriting section of the Stage 32 Lounge. Some great discussions happening there.

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