Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter/Playwright/Writing Coach by Andrea Lepcio

Screenwriter/Playwright/Writing Coach

Hello, everyone. So nice to be a part of such an active and productive group. I love to read scripts. If you have a script you'd like feedback on, let me know. I have juried for contests and fellowships and awards. I am an astute reader and am known as the Queen of Structure. Reasonable fees. I'm working on a re-write of a play that is my first romantic comedy called Marrying Kind. Lots of fun to write. I tend to write rapidly and completed another play this year. A scary thriller called The Last Jew. Next up my screenwriting projects.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I have a couple of screenplays available for perusal. Please provide me your email address

Vincent Paterno

I love (and write) romantic comedies, having completed two as yet unsold feature scripts. I'm also in the midst of a third. Moreover, I'm a film historian who has run the classic Hollywood site Carole & Co.,, for nearly 13 1/2 years.

Andrea Lepcio

Ihekuna, are you looking for feedback?

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Yes... Check for my screenplays (of course screenplayed by Robert Sacchi, based on my books), Andrea Lepcio

CK Steefel

Would love your info for the future. Is there a way of saving your post?

Andrea Lepcio

Ihekuna, nice website. You can read more about me at

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Will you be ablw to review them?

Jake Richardson

that sounds like a good offer, like to check it out

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Would you like to review my:works?

Tristan Hutchinson

I have a thriller that I need feedback on.

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