Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter and Storyboard Artist by Thomas J. Herring

Thomas J. Herring

Screenwriter and Storyboard Artist

What brings you here? For me, it's to learn about the crazy world of screenwriting and storyboard art. I want to get as much info as I can and hopefully avoid the mistakes that others may have gone through on their journey to success. I've entered competitions and didn't do too bad but I want to get to the next level. So, enough about me, let's hear from you. What's going on with you?

Kay Luke

Screenwriting is like Shooting Craps-- easy to do, hard to explain, and there's a bunch of people playing that don't really know what they're doing.

Good Luck!

Jean Buschmann

Smart strategy, Thomas! The most accomplished people seem to always learn from others'mistakes. Btw, don't let anyone tell you otherwise - "The Craft" that is screenwriting is its own art form that demands mastery. Even though that's not always obvious at first. Since like in all things, the top shelf talent makes it look easy. A great step in the write direction is to read produced screenplays of films you admire. (Just be sure not to get the production versions with the camera angles added - since this tends to be a constant source of confusion for new screenwriters.)

To answer your question, I just finished a feature spec. My aspiration is to write riveting socially relevant scripts that translate into powerful and memorable films. We'll see if I get so lucky!

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