Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter from LA - Currently living in London by Sean Wathen

Sean Wathen

Screenwriter from LA - Currently living in London

Hi all! I'm attempting to be a screenwriter, Co-Wrote a script called 'The Field' which got some attention a few years back. Sold a few low-budget things. Had a few optioned. Now trying to aim bigger!! Originally from Los Angeles, but currently living in London. My hope with Stage32 is simply to meet other writers who enjoy the challenge and love/hate relationship with screenwriting as much as I do! So give me a shout, even just for an intro, would love to meet some new people. I'll be living in London until next March (my fiance is working on a movie here, while I write full time), then I'll be back in LA. Soooo lets chat! :) Laters, Sean W.

Ken Koh

Hi Sean, will u sign a release for me to read some of your work? I only need the first 7 pages.

Sean Wathen

Sent you a private message. Thanks

Maxine Chantel

Hi, just spreading the love and creative aura! I Joined Stage 32, yesterday, and it's cool to find so many creative souls like myself. I'm based in London and my area of focus is comedy -drama movies. We have completed our first movie project a British comedy drama gospel movie. We are just trying to get it out there! Just like to say thanks Ken Koh, for sharing yesterday. If any of you like to take a look at my work or the movie or just connect and share ideas my website is: Don't give up guys! keep the faith and never accept NO for an answer especially in show business.

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