Introduce Yourself : Scripts by Gina Dellios

Gina Dellios


Hello! Hope everyone is doing well and realising their projects. Just to introduce myself, as I am almost finished with my fourth script. Hopefully these projects will soon come to life! Bonne journée, Gina

Louis Tété

Sounds great Gina, they will come if you meet the right people and make the right moves. First french woman i see on here, glad i ain't the only one (french :). Bonne journée à toi aussi.

Judith Clinton

Just wondering why you aren't working in France?

Gina Dellios

Yes trying. I work in France, these are my passion projects. ; )

Adam Harper

Bonjour Gina, I visited Nice last year and had a lovely time in the sun. Good luck with your projects.

Judith Clinton

My TV pilot is set in Paris - are you connected with people in French television?

Steve Hamm

Hello Gina. Welcome

Gina Dellios

Thanks. Judith, I actually don't. I work as a comms consultant in France but do not have French film contacts. I am Italian-Spanish-American, so I normally go through Anglo contacts. How exciting about your TV pilot!

Judith Clinton

Thank you, Gina - what an exciting international mix you are - best of luck to you!!!

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