Introduce Yourself : Scriptwriter, Producer, Director looking to collaborate by Mark Anthony Ramitt

Mark Anthony Ramitt

Scriptwriter, Producer, Director looking to collaborate

With two narrative shorts I've written and directed, now developing my first feature film, I'm always looking to collaborate with vetted creatives on personal and professional narrative films.

To know more about me and my industry experience, please watch this vlog of my scriptwriting journey (so far):

Sara Dee

Loved your video blog and . . . I so wish I was in Canada! I've said this twice on here now. One's story is an amazingly emotional journey and re-living it, as you have, is quite a brave move. You obviously have found the right support around you and adore that you've got a team of people that have enthusiasm and compassion. So lovely!

They say artists are doing it for themselves. Ultimately that may be right but the best of them know you can't do it alone and all artists are nothing without an audience. You're so aware of this.

Personally the magic for me is being part of a team even if, in the moment, I'm isolated in my character's bubble. If the director is bouncing with joy, and the lighting guy knows I've found what he's placed and use it, the cinematographer feels my face is his friend and the costume, props and location seems to be a familiar part of me . . . I've done my job.

Love your humanity and being sensitive to the world with a unique voice you're not firghtened to use . . . fantastic stuff.

Wishing you all the very best of success and if our paths cross on a set of yours, I'd be thrilled !!!

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