Introduce Yourself : Sean CD the Lawyer/Actor Camera/Editor by Sean C Dwyer

Sean C Dwyer

Sean CD the Lawyer/Actor Camera/Editor

Hi! Wow the posts are really impressive, it is so cool I see people giving themselves fully to film and coming out with some results! I have pretty well always balanced with social change type volunteer work, and now being a newly official lawyer am working to integrate a program of Restorative Justice in San Gabriel Valley. At the same time, I continue the acting, camera and editing work that I have always done, for which I have had very encouraging results at home in Montreal, with other artists, festivals, dabbling in pro... But not quite that full recognition yet, so I continue to improve and work very hard, to create and participate! Thanks so much and look forward to collaborating with all my heart!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Sean - you've found your home in the Stage 32 community, that's for sure :) I can appreciate your need to pursue your creative side when the other part of you life is in law...and, this is the perfect community that will support you to do that. Love that you're already contributing to threads... we wish you incredible success networking here :)

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