Introduce Yourself : Seeking eyes on and opinions by Carolyn Maitland

Carolyn Maitland

Seeking eyes on and opinions


Hi Everyone, my names Carolyn :)

I’ve been working professionally as an actress in the UK for 17years. I fell into theatre where have worked continuously and so I’ve stayed rooted to the stage now for many years. People have told me I should do screen work so I’ve started taking steps to aid this.

One of these steps is daily self tapes of scenes to camera from films,dramas, plays etc. So being in front of a camera rather face to face with an actor becomes more natural to me.

I’ve yet to have a showreel with genuine screen footage.

So I have temporarily cut some self tape clips together so I have something to share for now.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the clips, what you feel my casting type for screen is (as on stage I strive for versatility and I know that’s not always helpful for screen castings.)

And any words of wisdom moving forward.

Many thanks for your time & words :) Carolyn

Mason Greer

I really enjoyed your performances. Because the performance is strong you could definitely temporarily use these to showcase yourself to CDs. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Paul Hutchinson

Hi Carolyn - There's some really good stuff here. Perhaps add a couple of scenes with another actor - That interaction between you and someone else would give us a different angle: Can you "connect" with someone else in a scene.

Rosalind Winton

I think you're really good and I think you've got a great future ahead. I agree with Paul, you need some scenes where you're interacting with others in different situations, just to give your reel some diversity.

Carolyn Maitland

Thank you Guys, I was discussing doing a scene with a friend a couple of day’s ago to add in :) so thank you Paul & Rosalind for that comment.

Rolando Gómez

Impressive, though I agree with the others and yes, a showreel would help. Are you represented by at least a manager? A manager can help your career. One good management team in London is I'd seek them out if you don't have a manager.

Arianna Burmeister

This is great!

Stefano Pavone

Captivating and impressive - the eyes truly are the window to the soul. :)

Wahayn Inello Clayton

I didn't watch your video, but looked at your face and see that you have talent - Now Show the World you Can Be Naked from the Inside Out-Touch them with your Heart, just a little bit? The camera can't see what you are thinking - But it can see what you are FEELING!

Carolyn Maitland

Absolutely Robert!!! :)

Steve Payne

Good stuff. Liked the final piece the most. Have you thought of voice acting here or on Upwork or somewhere similar as an easy way to start building a portfolio of paid gigs away from the stage? Animators often want voice actors for example.

Tasha Lewis

Will watch!

Solange Plaza

You're really talented! I enjoyed watching you on screen and totally agree that you are versatile. I don't know but for some reason I liked seeing you as a professional... l can imagine you as a doctor or lawyer that switches to their vulnerable side at home.

Michael Elsey

I think this really shows your versatility and the way you cut the various scenes together it gave me

an Orphan Black/ Tatiana Maslany vibe. You have a great command of voice and accent but I also think you have a knack for the dramatic pause.

Bill Albert

I like what you're doing, especially your voice. I would like to see you put together a really good sizzle reel. Something with longer audition pieces, one drama piece, one light hearted piece, etc.

Philip Sedgwick

Nicely done. This is the kind of video that would get you on a list "to be called" when casting begins.

Tony Ray

This was really good. If there was any critique I would have for this, it would be when you were "doing surgery". Surgeons wouldn't normally look the requested item into their hand. They would just hold their hand out and go, "Lap sponge. 3-O silk. Suction".

Besides that, I honestly think you've got some serious potential. And if you ever despair, remember this: some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time started out in theatre and worked their way into film. Best of luck going forward, Carolyn!

Nicholas P

this is talent!

Matthew H Emma

Very good. Your ability seems very natural and not the least bit forced. That's true acting.

Carolyn Maitland

Hi Everyone, as you were all so kind to share your thoughts on my self tapes clips, I really love to share my first ever short I produced, coordinated and acted in. Would love your helpful feed back again! FOREVER ENTIRELY YOURS - Period Drama| Short | Upton Grey, England.

Umar Nizarudeen


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