Introduce Yourself : Seeking to connect with those who finish what they start (Please check out my new film website) by Joey Lanai

Joey Lanai

Seeking to connect with those who finish what they start (Please check out my new film website)

Hey 32ers! Joey Lanai here!

Hope the discussion title doesn't sound snobby... in short... I'm an Actor/Writer/Director/Producer (Just like everyone else here, LOL) But have spent some dead time running with the wrong crowd in my past... folks who just didn't seem motivated to START and if they did, didn't FINISH. I can't think of 2 things more important in this business. Here's the link to my new film I wrote/directed/ and act opposite 2017 Emmy winner - Kim Estes. (I'm the big cry baby at the end of the trailer) I'm hoping to chat with folks from all sides of the camera... I would love to meet anyone in a similar boat as me... I'm a corporate sales guy with a career already... but use it to finance/catapult everything I'm trying to do in the FILM world. (It's like living 2 lives at the same time... and it's killing us... I mean me.) CHEERS!!

INIQUITY: The Official Movie (film) - Isodrenaline Films
INIQUITY: The Official Movie (film) - Isodrenaline Films
Iniquity By Isodrenaline Films - In This Epic Thriller Written & Directed By Joey Lanai. A Traveling Salesman Seeks Therapy, The Demons Of His Fractured Childhood Are Examined By An Overly Ambitious I…
Morrison James

Enjoyed the Trailer Joey. Great Job!

Joey Lanai

Okay, I'll be first...

Hi Joey, Joey here... nice to meet you. Nice photo... went a little heavy on the makeup I'd say, though. Checked out your trailer... I guess it's okay. What was the budget? Too soon? So what, you're hoping we're going to feel sorry for you for having a day gig like the rest of us? You never said where's you're from. I'm from SoCal, the south bay... Rancho Palos Verdes to be exact... Would be cool to find creatives with a little money who all agree on a project and put their little monies together to make a big money and then make something rewarding for all !

Joey Lanai

Hey Thank you James!!

Kristof Gillese

nice to meet another "go-getter" Joey... if you need to work (as an actor) then sometimes you need to make your own work! If you ever want to chat scripts or just shoot the shit re: The Biz the door is always open :)

Joey Lanai

Thanks Kristof! I appreciate the contact and am also an open door! Thank you and very best in all your pursuits!

Cherelynn Baker

Welcome to Stage 32!

Eric la Fuente

Howdy there, Joey! The trailer was awesome -- I love your visual approach to the phone conversation!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

Liliana Angela Angeleri

• Congratulazioni per i risultati importanti, sono molto felice di conoscerti. Desidero informarti che ho scritto sei sceneggiature per lungometraggi.

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