Introduce Yourself : Seventeen and ready to do anything by James McCallum

James McCallum

Seventeen and ready to do anything

My name is James McCallum, I am seventeen years old and it has always been my dream to be a filmmaker. I come from that weird generation of filmmakers who got interested in filmmaking by watching the behind the scenes documentaries. Unlike other filmmakers of this generation, my inspiration was not "Lord of the Rings" but Walt Disney's "Peter Pan" on VHS. I was less than two years old, and would constantly ask to watch THAT opposed to the movie itself. The first thing I do when I own a DVD or a BluRay is watch the bonus features before I even think about putting the movie on. I had this idea of becoming an actor, but as I grew up I realized that I wanted to be a movie director. I was 9 years old, and the movie that made me want to make movies was Peter Jackson's King Kong. Almost ten years later, and my passion has not died. I love movies, and I will do anything to make them.

Alexandar James Quinn

I have the 'King Kong' production diaries; Amazing!

Tyron Martin

welcome young man I wish I started when I was your age but life goes on I'm into it now. good luck

Janet Scott

Hello aspiring talented one....

Stephen Mitchell

welcome, James. I wish I had found a Stage 32 when I was 17...

Michasha Armstrong


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