Introduce Yourself : Short film selected by Andrea Zurlo

Andrea Zurlo

Short film selected

Hello everybody and happy "Introduce yourself weekend".

I have been on Stage 32 for a while now.

I had a script consulting for a short script a couple of years ago, and now the short "Her new self" has been selected at the Lift-Off film festival and is undergoing selection at 24fps International (Texas) (and other 9 festivals). I keep my fingers crossed!

I also finished the adaptation of one of my novels (finalist for Planeta Award) into a script (in Spanish), if there's out there any Latin-American director looking for new material, contact me!

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations on "Her new self" being selected, Andrea Zurlo! And congratulations on finishing the adaptation!

Andrea Zurlo

Thank you, Maurice!

Pamela Denise Hawkins


Vital Butinar

Congratulations on the selection and I wish you more success!

I saw on Leya's post that you're from Florence, Leya and I had a wonderful time there.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Andrea Zurlo. Please keep us posted about your film. Looking forward to watching it when it's online.

Andrea Zurlo

Vital Butinar nice to meet you here and thank you. Yes, I told Leya to keep in touch, maybe we can meet next time you are in Italy, any way you are from Slovenia not far from here.

Alexandra Shields

Hi Andrea! So great to meet you and so glad you've introduced yourself after being here for a while. I'm the Executive Liaison at Stage 32. Congratulations on your success with "Her new self." I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well. I would definitely go check out the Director's lounge and see if there are some folks in there that might fit the directors that you're looking for.

Sandra Ray

Andrea, congratulations on your hard work getting recognition. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. : )

Andrea Zurlo

Thanks, Alexandra Shields this would be so nice of you!

Andrea Zurlo

@Sandra Ray, thank you. It's a little step forward.

Geoff Hall

Andrea Zurlo well done, Andrea on the acceptance of your film to the festival.

Andrea Zurlo

Thank you, @Geoff Hall.

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