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Sille Larsen

Sille Larsen

Hello fellows.

Im Sille, Im new to this site. I'm from Denmark, living in Copenhagen, im a non educated screenwriter, I hope to get connected with people internationally and hopefully sell my scripts in the future.

My work so far

I have written a script for a short movie, its currently on danish, but it can always be translated, and then im writing on 2 others script on English. (I write my script on English mostly) Well the first is a story I have writing on for month, and the second is a script for a challenge due to the LondonSWF365.

So a short logline for my primary script.

A young American girl travels across the ocean to study on London university. She meets a guy and they begin an intense relationship.

Feel free to connect with me or ask me anything.

Stay safe.

- Sille

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Sillie! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services at he would love to know what you're working on and how he can help

Sille Larsen

Hi, Aray. Thank you. - I will contact him directly. Hope to hear from you again.

Phil Clarke

Velkommen, Sille. Hope you find it helpful here. And if I can be of any support or guidance, by all means get in touch. I do have experience of helping non-English writers develop their projects so they are written authentically in English. Happy to chat about that. Best wishes, Phil

Jodi Rath

Welcome, Sill. You have some great ideas! I hope you find success!

Ugo Cavallo

Welcome , greetings from Italy (by a brazilian)

Sille Larsen

Thank you all. Phil Clarke, feel free to chat with me.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Sille Larsen! Welcome aboard! Congrats on developing your scripts and loglines! May I suggest posting your logline on your profile? If you click on your “profile” tab, there’s a “loglines” tab, where you can post loglines so people can easily find them and rate them as well as give you feedback. It’s been tremendously helpful in revising my loglines. I would definitely join in the discussions in the lounges and if you’re interested in joining the Writers’ Room, Jason Mirch, the Director of Script Services here at Stage 32 will offer you a free month if you email him ( I’ve learned so much about writing, pitching and script coverage by being a part of the Writers’ Room!

Sille Larsen

Hi Monica thank you, I will do that, and yes I really want to be in the writers room.

Bamutiire Jerry Edmund

Welcome to the tribe, Sille. My take is that you can use a language you're best at writing then later use tools like free-of-charge Google Translate to translate to English although this takes time. Then you can present your English version script for any collaboration be it script consultancy, writers' room, contest, editorial etc. Also I know of this company:

Sille Larsen

Hi Bamutiire, I know the English language very well, and the danish way to write the words is very different from the English language, and google translate isn't good for a thing like a script only a word or two will be acceptable, and if I have to write 80-120 pages on Danish and then translate it will it take too much time. I prefer to write in English, because there are so many more interesting ways to say a word. - I have contact with an English woman, who read it for mistake, and I'm using prowrite to see my mistake etc. But thank you, and I will look at the company soon. Maybe we will meet in the writers room.

- Sille.

Kira George

Hi Sille... nice to meet you.

Sille Larsen

Hi, Kira, nice to meet you too.

Aray Brown

You're very welcome ;) Best of luck with your script

Patricia Acerbi

A self-educated screenwriter here. Welcome!

Sille Larsen

Thank you Patricia, can't wait to call myself that!!

Bruce Radek

Great to meet you - I'm in Nashville and best of luck to you!

Sille Larsen

Thank you Bruce

Freyja Seren

Hi Sille, welcome aboard! May I ask, what genre is your script? From the logline it could be several different kinds of awesome! :)

Sille Larsen

Hi Freyja, yes of course. - It's a young teen, romantic drama.

Bridgit Li

Hi Sille Larsen welcome here. Every new screenwriter/artist here is a win to the community. Great to have you. I too write in English, even though it´s not my native language. You get used to it and get better and better. I do it for the same reason you mentioned above. And i figured that it´s more natural to write in English from page one, instead of translating it later. So just rock it!

Freyja Seren

That sounds lovely, Sille. Thanks :)

Boris Coll

welcome and best of luck with your career

Sille Larsen

Bridgit Li, I couldn't agree more.

Sille Larsen

You are welcome freyja

Thank you Boris.

Bamutiire Jerry Edmund

One last say Sille Larsen , always find time to read some articles over at the blog.

Sille Larsen

I will do that thank you.

Ryan Anzaldi

Hello Sille Larsen ! I'm also non-educated when it comes to screenwriting, but it's great to see you're working hard and writing!

Sille Larsen

Hey Ryan, thank you, feel free to send me a message if you want to share things.

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