Introduce Yourself : Since we're all social distancing right now...what would you watch? by Brian Carlin

Brian Carlin

Since we're all social distancing right now...what would you watch?

Hello once again, Stage 32!

This one's not mine, but I saw it as a post from a friend, and I thought it would be a good one for this group!

Here's the scenario: If you could pick from only one of each of the following categories to serve as your social distancing binge, which would you pick, and why?

1. Director of your choice. You get all of their works.

2. Feature Film Trilogy.

3. Franchise series.

4. Prestige TV Series.

5. Comedy and/or Animated TV Series.

Here are mine - and my rationales:

1. Steven Spielberg - The Indiana Jones movies alone make it worth it, but with so many classics in so many different genres (Jaws, E.T., Munich, Jurassic Park), I mean, you're covered!

2. Back to the Future - It holds up today just as well as ever, and you notice new little details every time you watch it.

3. Marvel Cinematic Universe - Another one with great performances, fun stories that don't take themselves too seriously, and of course, getting a few moments with the late great Stan Lee.

4. The Sopranos - the original show that set the stage for all of the prestige TV that came after it. So many staples of what we now expect from our dramas (10-13 episode format, solid music supervision, cinema level production and acting, and deep rich storytelling) this was the show that kicked all of it off. And it's even more relevant today.

5. King of the Hill - I mean, it's hard to pick just one work by Mike Judge, but I'd have to go with the show that delivered a slice of suburban Texas, plenty of laughs that were balanced by pathos, and more heart than you may remember.

But enough of my rambling! What are your picks? After all, there's no reason I should have all the fun.

Taylor C. Baker

Brian Carlin! What a fun game! Thank you for sharing! My go-to comedy series are Frasier, Parks and Recreation, and Golden Girls!

Brian Carlin

Hi Taylor! Nice to meet you, on Stage 32 at least! All good choices for your comedy series. Which would be your one choice in some of the other categories?

Rahim Bukhari

Hey Brian. I never get bored of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've watched them over and over again in the past and that's what I have been doing in these crazy times. This is my fifth day in self-isolation and I have already finished the 23-movie marathon and I'm starting off again this evening.

I've now come to a point where I remember all the lines from the first six movies.

The other thing I'd like to do is watch the Big Bang Theory on TV, there have been re-runs on Fox 29. It never ceases to make me laugh.

Thanks for sharing the post.

Glory Anna
  1. Peter Jackson - I mean this would eat up a lot of time and quite beautifully too, amiright? ;) 2. OG Star Wars films, I mean what George Lucas achieved was not only ground breaking but in a sense every true creatives dream. 3. Star Trek, Next Gen and DS9 top picks! the psychology and science that has to be concisely broke down into an hour format is a good lesson in editing as well as sequential continuity. I also wouldn't mind going back to my childhood favorite Xena! HIYA! 4. 5. Regular Show, I think everyone can get behind the genius of this series. lol. :D
Rahim Bukhari

Glory the director's cut for Peter Jackson's works can certainly help in killing time ;)

Brian Carlin

Rahim, MCU is always a good choice - it's like a graphic novel for the big screen! And Glory, Peter Jackson is also a good choice - especially since you would get to watch his horror movies in addition to the LOTR trilogy. I also approve of the Star Trek - smart move on the franchise choice and you get the best of each!

Glory Anna

And I do like to get into the different ways people interpret horror through the visual lens and pen. I personally like it more psychological and suspense/thriller.

I can see how the MCU would be a fun ride in these times - action movies are a great way to get the creative adrenaline going too! I am a huge comic book fan, and will be re-reading a bunch for the same reason, it's what got me into this biz after all! ;D

Firefly would also be a great choice, that series really deserved a better chance. Any other shows you would bring back from the grave to binge?

Rahim Bukhari

South Park... :P:P

It's got 23 seasons, more than 300 funny, offensive, weird, crazy and gross episodes :P :P.

You can find it on

The thing is not many people like it but the people who do love it to bits.

Jason Mirch

I think you nailed it Brian! I am right there with you on all of this. The one substitution I would make personally would be Archer rather than King of the Hill (which I also LOVE by the way)

Lola Atkins

Big Bang Theory for the Geek in me, Will and Grace, just loved what it brought and for me filled the void left from Friends. Star Wars ....Christopher Nolan....Star Wars

Brian Carlin

Jason Mirch I respect your choice of Archer, as I am also a huge fan. Danger Zone!

Brian Carlin

Glory Anna Always nice to talk to a fellow Brown Coat! I miss Firefly as well. I suppose since you already chose that one, I would have to say I would love to bring back Justified. Even though the show came to a very satisfying conclusion in its arc, Raylan Givens is still a U.S. Marshal and I think it would be fun to watch some more of his crime stopping adventures.

Rahim Bukhari

Oh I remember Will and Grace... tots adorbs... Here's another couple out the grave. Three's Company and Full House... Classics and who could forget the whacko Two and a Half Men (During and after Charlie Sheen)

Brian Carlin

Rahim Bukhari oh man, I completely forgot about South Park. Love that one too! It's good to know that's always around for us.

Brian Carlin

Lola Atkins Christopher Nolan is also a great one. He has so much depth to his work that you could analyze it all day and never get bored!

Brian Carlin

Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful responses, everyone! The only tough part is now I'm going: "dang, why didn't I think about that one?!" But that's what makes this so much fun.

Rahim Bukhari

Thanks Brian... It was fun... :)

Stay safe and wash 'em hands ;)

Jenean McBrearty

Director: Hitchcock to see him develop over the years. Trilogy: Can't stand most of them. So, Godfather. Franchise: Can't stand them. Sequels, prequels? BS. Maybe Godzilla. Series: Madmen. Comedy TV: God help us.

Brian Carlin

Jenean McBrearty Can't go wrong with Hitchcock and the Godfather! Another couple I forgot!

Brian Carlin

Rahim Bukhari Glad you had fun! Stay safe as well! Goes to wash hands

Kaitlyn Magana

Hello! Now that I have time on my hands to watch stuff, here are my choices....

1) Akira Kurosawa directed films - I've just finished watching Rashomon yesterday and I love his simple storytelling techniques. I need to watch more.

2) The original Star Wars trilogy - All three movies are great and worth re-watching and they hype of the recent Star Wars movies has made me want to go back and see the originals.

3) Marvel Cinematic Universe - Now that I know there's a story between each of these movies, I need to go re-watch all of them in order from the very beginning when I was still in elementary school.

4) Stranger Things - It may have its up and downs when it comes to the writing, but it has a nice cast of characters and an interesting story since we still don't know the whole truth about the mind flayer and demogorgon happenings in Hawkins, Indiana.

5) Futurama - I've been watching the series for the first time with my boyfriend, who is a long time fan of the show and it has some pretty fun narratives and writing throughout the series.

Brian Carlin

Kaitlyn Magana Seems you have a lot of friends on this thread who would pick the original Star Wars Trilogy, which almost made my list. Futurama is great too, and has some really deep writing that plunges into the depths of science fiction, history, and philosophy. And Kurosawa, whom so many filmmakers owe tribute. Good to meet you!

Eric Maus
  1. Hitchcock -- probably could learn everything about filmmaking from him alone. 2. Lord of the Rings because that's a solid day right there with all the special editions. 3. Marvel universe . 4. The Wire -- I like that neo-noir style and I could go for a deep dive into great tv. 5. Studio Ghibli -- There are so many movies available. I just watched Spirited Away.

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