Introduce Yourself : Singer/ Writer/ Actress new to Stage 32 by Diana Dilee Maher

Diana Dilee Maher

Singer/ Writer/ Actress new to Stage 32

Hi I'm Di Lee no relation to Bruce Lee. New to Stage 32 I'm a singer/songwriter, actress, model and writer here in LA. This is a cool site and looking forward to connecting with other like minded individuals in the industry! Currently ranked #1 Globally for World genre music on Have been told by numerous people that I sound like Enya and Dido with my own unique style and blend of genres. Namaste to all ~ One Love ~

Andrea Thompson

Welcome to the Stage 32 community Di, I'm sure you'll find everyone really inviting and encouraging!

Diana Dilee Maher

Awesome thanks Andrea!

Diana Dilee Maher

Kathryn much appreciated and same to you! Many blessings to you and yours! :)

Waddy Bond

You are welcome lee!

Phyllis A. Collmann

I my name is Phyllis A. Collmann. I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books. I am promoting my books on my web page.

steve hartman

Di Lee, firstly I love you name,it resonates as a film star name should. I like your description of yourself and I can see you would look great on film. I would love to say I can use you in an upcoming film but I'm not sure. But we should stay in contact.

Julie Young

Hello everyone, I've only been a member for a few weeks and have already met some amazing people. My only claim to fame is my ability to keep my Kept Woman status during the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen. It's quite simple, really. I just imagine the four day old beans that might give me diarrhea are cocktail shrimp. I look forward to meeting more talented people every day, but if I disappear...well... just wait until you hear a flush and I'm sure I'll be back on line in no time.

Judy Mora

Haha Julie, wait a minute now doesn't a 'kept woman' mean some rich guy ' keeps' you in new dresses, jewels, swanky condo, and gourmet meals? I feed aLot of animals, so I shop at Trader Joes or Costco for Super deals on Pasta and more pasta haha good luck and ... Horses for remt!!!

Julie Young

Now Judy, there is more than one definition of a Kept Woman. I fail to dust anything in my house until I'm chasing down jack rabbits instead of bunnies. My man works 15 hours a day so he's too tired to make me do things I detest like kiss him when he has a mouthful of sunflower seeds. He got away with it when he still had a bit of hair on top and could still fit in a normal airline seat, but alas those days are forever gone so I must do my part and just make him think he's keeping me in diamonds and furs. After all, what else could I do? Get a job?! That would never do.

Marcelo Grion


Benjamin Alany

Welcome, Di Lee. Cool, my sis does world music as well, she plays violin and sings in different languages. Best of fortunes to you in your endeavors.

Brendan Faulkner

Hello Di, welcome to the group

Lonnie Bennett

Thanks for add..........

Ted King

Hi Di. Welcome to the group! Wishing you much success with your endeavors!

Diana Dilee Maher

Thank you all for your warm welcome greetings and best wishes! Great to connected with so many talented creative people here! Definitely look forward to working with many of you! Steve Hartman yes let's stay in touch let me know what you're looking for and if I can't fit it to a "T" most likely will someone who will. Blessings to one and all ~

Lina Jones

Hello Dee, Welcome to the Stage hope you find lots and lots of work.

Diana Dilee Maher

Thank you Lina! Much appreciated and same to you! Blessings always ~

Nancy Ahern

Welcome Di, Good luck to you.

Cindy Myskiw

Welcome to Stage 32, Di.

Diana Dilee Maher

Thanks Nancy much appreciated! Cindy thank you! :)

Nancy Ahern

Your welcome, great picture!

Diana Dilee Maher

Aww thanks Nancy! Much appreciated!

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