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Patrick Peacock

Small-town Filmmaker

Greetings from South Georgia! I've had an account here for a few years now, but I'm just getting around to introducing myself.

Over the past decade I've made several short films, and I'm now in the early stages of making my first feature. Like my shorts, the feature will be a no-budget affair made with a talented and dedicated group of friends. I am excited about the project, but it's just a first step toward the goal of building an independent career and breaking free from the day job.

I have other features I intend to develop after this one. For those films, I plan to raise a decent but modest budget and bring in professionals for many of the positions. But all of that comes later.

At this point, I need to start establishing some constructive professional relationships - and, I hope, some collaborative ones, as well. Living and working where I do (about three hours south of Atlanta), there's no established filmmaking community.

That's why I'm here. And, to be totally honest, I haven't posted before now because this kind of platform intimidates me. I'm no digital native - I'll turn 50 this summer - and I make my films in relative isolation, so networking of this sort is not it my comfort zone.

But, I'm here. And I looking forward to getting to know and, I hope, work with some of you in time.



Rochelle Nichole

Hi Patrick! I'm just getting back into this site again too - I've been absent for over a year - but looking to start up again - best of luck in all your adventures!

G.R. Barnett

Hi! Small-town screenwriter here. :) Nice to meet you!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Patrick!

Patrick Peacock

Thanks, all!

Martyn John Armstrong

Welcome to the site Patrick, best of luck with your feature. I'm sure you'll meet people on here that are within a reasonable distance for your projects. You never know, there might be from South Georgia here.

Chad Stroman


Sebastian Hofmann


Sam Borowski

Welcome Patrick! You know, I produced a feature in Atlanta 11 years ago, and be aware there are a lot of talented actors/filmmakers/crew in the state, especially in Atlanta, so, you don't have to make a feature with friends. I understand you're making a micro-budget movie, but if you truly want to have a career, why not just raise a little bit more and make BEST USE of your money. Doing a film with friends and buddies may be a lost leader. Even if you only have a little money, why not do it right?

Kevin John Parsons

Hi Patrick! Make it happen!

Lyter Daniel

Ciao ...

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