Introduce Yourself : So Here We Are... by Jack Deacon

Jack Deacon

So Here We Are...

Hello guys, I am brand new to this, so am very interested to see how things work around here! My background lies in editing and camera work, and have worked with clients of all sizes, from tiny start ups to Lionsgate, doing behind the scenes on Hunger Games etc. I love meeting new people and chatting about what excites us about the industry. More importantly though, I like to get stuff done and create! Thats why we are all here after all no? If you have a mind that likes to do rather than expect, get in touch, you never know where we'll end up.

Tracy Kash

Welcome, Jack. This is a great place to connect with creatives. I'm a composer if you're ever seeking music - Maybe we'll get to work together at some point. Best of luck.

Curtis McGann

Jack, welcome to Stage32. This is an amazing site with great people It's exactly what we needed. Enjoy!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome Jack. I too am new to the site but so far I've been impressed with the conversations and the wisdom. I am working on a project and have the mindset of more "do" than "expect." Look forward to your posts and our journey.

Jack Deacon

Thats what I like to hear! Message me about your project, would love to know more, from a fellow biker!

Boomer Murrhee

@ Jack, can't send message until you are in my network. I just sent a request.

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