Introduce Yourself : So, how does this work again? by Cezar Turek

Cezar Turek

So, how does this work again?

Hello everyone, I'm Cezar, from Brazil, this is my first post and actually my first time visiting this website, so I know nothing about it, besides it being focused on filmmaking and everything that comes with it.

Found out about it thanks to the Queen's Gambit breakdown that happened today, which was really insightful.

So is this just another social media platform or something else? I feel like that John Travolta meme hahahah

Jason Mirch

Great to have you here Cezar Turek - Stage 32 is the largest online platform for connecting and educating film, television, and digital creatives and professionals worldwide. So, yes it is a social network, it is an educational platform, it is a career development platform - and so much more. Your first step was the right one! Reaching out! Glad you found the breakdown insightful. Feel free to email me at - it is always the fastest way to reach me.

Cezar Turek

Oh cool! You're the guy that did the breakdown right? Awesome, thanks for the answer and for the connection :)

Kinney Scott

explore the oppurtunities get know others engage look around and and enjoy wel come aboard

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