Introduce Yourself : Sorry I'm so late to the party by Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Sorry I'm so late to the party

I hope everyone is managing whatever stage of the pandemic they're in with grace and aplomb. I am a production manager and script reader. I've read for studios, as well as for Stage32, and I've taught classes on Stage32 as well. I love the creativity, the passion and the curiosity that is represented by all of the people on this platform, and kudos to RB, Amanda and the whole Stage 32 team for providing us all with the opportunity to get to know and support each other!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Brian Smith! Always good to hear from you, sir! And thank you for the well-wishes! How are you holding up?

Wow, I didn't know you taught classes here! Is there a way to add the links to those webinars to your profile?

If you haven't already, I think you'd enjoy my intro blog post on the Stage32 Community: I'd love your thoughts on ways we can continue to support each other as a community!

Brian Smith

Hey Karen "Kay" Ross , that's a very inspiring post! Very much a call to action! Yes, I taught a couple of classes a couple of years ago on story structure. That was before my life got taken over by my current job. But I do love this community, and I'm interested in continuing to contribute and support it when I can.

Marcus Latrel Holmes

Hello, Brian Smith I would like for you to read a feature Thriller I wrote.

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