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Introduce Yourself : Stage 32 - The cash Grab by Gregory Houghton

Gregory Houghton

Stage 32 - The cash Grab

I'm sorry, Ive been in the industry since 2001. I'm a critically acclaimed produced writer, who has both optioned and sold a number of scripts (watch me be deleted on this post). I have been both finalist and won a number of competitions. Even now, I am in development with 3 separate pilots and a feature I am co-writing in tandem with the head of story over at (a major studio company), and I am irritated and pissed by the constant barrage I'm getting in my emails. Yet, everyday when I wake up and check my emails, it's a slew of click-bait subject headings with this agent/manager, or this producer looking for such and such and such and such or "you can be be noticed and great if you sign up for this competition.' I'm, sorry, it's exhausting and it's never ending. But stage 32 doesn't care. The top echelon of people dangled in front of us are the people we are targeting -- and who knows the brilliance that lies within each person and project -- but it comes at a cost. Like I said, I joined Stage 32 years ago -- in large part as a case study -- wondering what good they can really do for an aspiring creative who is grinding out a paycheck all day long, and then spending their exhausted/waking hours punching keys until they fall asleep exhausted -- be that person from Toronto or Ohio. And in response, these individuals are (like me) inundated with emails with pay-to-know opportunities, with individuals highlighted for this and that, but all written in an enticing way to get your money -- a break down numerically, which none of us is privy to between Stage 32 and it's clients.

I'm sorry, I am pissed. "He who sees the design can rise above it." I sat across from a celebratory a year ago, and I said I have this great idea: the most notable reconstruction surgeons who help people in the world -- they , themselves have traveled to 3rd world countries to help patients in need of critical, life changing surgeries, and do it completely pro-bono. This A-list actor said "I love that. Good for them, good human beings." To wish I replied: Would'nt it be cool if there was a 'pro-bono' for films stars/producers who helped aspiring directors and script writers in the same way?" I said 'Art has for years systematically been nixed from schools thanks to budget cuts. 'You can make a difference'.

Jeff E. Gregory

Could it be that the solution lies in your profile preference to turn off notifications? It seems very stranger to me that S32 continues to bombard you with messages to which you are not subscribing. Sorry to hear it is ruining your experiences here.

Georgia Paris

Couldn't have said it any better myself Gregory...I will have to check into my settings as Jeff had suggested....

Tasha Lewis

Welcome! I just joined a few weeks ago. I love the fact that Stage 32 provides all the recommendations and suggestions. Add that to my screenwriting classes and I now have 3 projects ready for things would have taken me years to achieve. Every business needs revenue to function. Visit the Stage 32 FAQ Section to make your experience here more pleasant. Have a wonderful day!

John Ellis

I hear ya, Gregory Houghton. I turned off most of my notifications years ago. Why do I keep coming back? There are a few connections that I interact with and enjoy their comments on posts. I've connected with a few "locals" (driving distance from Reno) and am anticipating working with them in the future.

For all its flaws, S32 is WAY better than Facebook, or any other social platform for interacting with like-minded people.

You want inundation? Turn on all your notifications on FB!

Vinson Perkins

There are quite a few emails from Stage32, but I wouldn't call them "clickbait" I have had great experiences using their services. I live in rural Maine, grinding out a paycheck, and raising a family. I write when I can....Stage32 helps me feel connected.

Best of luck to you...

M L.

I too have complete blocked all emails from S32. Along with infolist and IFP and every other organization. Nobody understands the counterproductive nature of overzealous outreach. Less is more.

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