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Stephen Seitz

Stephen Seitz

Here's my situation: I'm a novelist based in northern New England. What I need is a literary agent. I currently have a handshake deal with a prominent artist at D.C. Comics to adapt my internationally praised novel, "Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula." Currently, the plan is to adapt my novel as a graphic novel, with the idea that D.C.'s parent, Warner Bros., might produce the movie. This is probably my only shot at making genuine money from my work. I have other novels, as well, which would make good films. If anyone can suggest an agency, and one which works with little-known authors, I would greatly appreciate it.

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

Hi Stephen. I too am based in New England. You gotta love this weather!! Staying indoors gives us plenty of time to write. First, I must ask, is your book self published? I assume it is if you're looking for an agent. I thought, once my SP sci-fi novel won an award, that I'd be able to find an agent easily. I had sold a script, won a screenwriting award, had the book award…what more could an agent want? ;-) Turns out, multiple agents have told me that publishers only care about book sales for self published books. If you have 30,000 in sales, they'll think about representing you. I asked, "What about people that aren't as adept at social media as others, and have well reviewed books but can't get that number of sales? Isn't that what a publisher does, publicizes books?" I was told no, they believe, even if unfairly, that the 'market has spoken'. I then read last month, that publishers are now finding that self published authors that sold a lot of books themselves, may have saturated the market and once they sign them and publish the book, they don't get any additional sales. So now I'm all confused! But I would think, if you search online for agents that hand your genre, that you'd be able to submit to them, or try pitching to the agencies that Stage32 provide access to, that's what I did with mine. I'm with you, I look forward to others with more experience than I, to post here. I'd like to learn something myself.

Stephen Seitz

Frank, my Sherlock Holmes fiction is published by MX Publishing in London.

Stephen Seitz

In short, I have to be my own agent.This has been the situation for years, and I have gotten exactly nowhere.

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Stephen.

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