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Steve Greene

I'm a former volunteer firefighter/EMT in both NC and NY, until an injury knocked me out permanently. But I've always kept the fire service close to me. I'm even in my fifth season on my podcast, "5-Alarm Task Force," with listeners in nearly 40 countries.

Then in 2014, I came across an interesting article about a large metropolitan fire department in the northeast. The more I read, the stronger my idea became. Instead of reality, I saw a limited-series drama about this unique aspect. My partners liked it so much after seeing my treatment, the told me to write the pilot script. (Had never even thought of doing that before) With the help of a friend who graduated in LA with a degree in screenwriting, we went to work. The following year, we brought it to the city's Office of Film and Television, who loved it, as did the chief of the department, as well as the city itself.  We've been trying to pitch it ever since.

Prior to our current project, my partners and I produced a pilot for a true-to-life show, “America’s Heroes: The Men & Women of Fire Rescue,” back in 2000. We presented twelve stories of dramatic, real-life rescues, with on-scene b-roll and stories "in their own words" from key first responders who answered these calls. They are not re-creations. All the action scenes were recorded as they happened. And it is as viable today as it was then. If you would like to catch it, please let me know and I'll be happy to share the link.

Conrad Weaver

Hey Steven, I'd love to connect. Have you seen my trailer for PTSD911 documentary?

Steven Greene

Conrad - Thanks for "shout!" I'm very new here and I was very recently invited here out of the blue!. However, our podcast mission statement is for first responder health, wellness, fitness-for duty and the Firefighter Cancer and Behavioral Health Initiatives. So, we have done numerous shows on behavioral health and have another coming up next month. That said, I'd be very interested in seeing your trailer.

Ricki Linksman

Welcome Steven, I just want to reach out to express my profound gratitude for the service you and your fellow fire fighters and EMT offer. You make extreme sacrifices for all of us. You are appreciated! As a fellow screenwriter, I wish you the best, and as you explore Stage 32 you will certainly connect with people who can help you.

Dave Wickenden

Hi Steve, nice to see a fellow smoke-eater. I was a career fire fighter for 31 yrs, retiring as a Deputy Chief. Retired 4 years early to write thrillers.

Steven Greene

Thank you, Ricki and Dave for your welcomes and kind words. Dave, always a pleasure to meet a Brother. I don't know that much about Canadian TV, except for Brian Baeumler and Mike Holmes. Is there any quality programming about the fire service there?

Daisy White

Wow that's an amazing story. I used to work for the ambulance service and have so much respect for those involved in the emergency services.

Steven Greene

Thank you, Daisy. I too, worked for a county EMS service while living in NC and it didn't take me long to begin to favor EMS over firefighting. Nevertheless, they both define me as to who I am and I would not change that path for any reason.

Jill A. Hargrave

Hi Steven, Would love to hear your pitch. Jason Mirch brings in an Executive once a month on Wednesday so Writers Room members can sign up for the practice pitch and get feedback. Also, on Thursday evenings every week, Brooklynn Fields provides a great venue to practice pitch in front of fellow Stage 32 screenwriters and she and Nick Assunto will give you feedback along with comments from all of us. It has helped me tremendously as i have never pitched before.

Dave Wickenden

All fire department shows are US born. Would like to show the real life of fire fighters not the soap operas that television fans want to see.

Steven Greene

Thank you, Jill. And Dave, you're absolutely correct. There has not been a realistic dramatic series about the fire service, that is actually based on a existing fire department, with the majority of story lines coming from that department's files. Yes, we do have a fictional dramatic twist that waves its way through the story. However, we after watching almost every fire show since "EMERGENCY" to what's on today, one cannot produce a powerful, gripping and educational show without good auxiliary story lines to keep the viewers connected to the story as the show, as a whole.

Steven Greene

I do need to spend more time here.. However, we just launched our new, nonprofit company, "5-Alarm Task Force Corp." and today, 12OCT20, we sent our first check to a volunteer fire department in Kansas, whose building and apparatus were destroyed when a driver of a pickup ran into the building at nearly 100mph! Our nonprofit is FOR firefighters, BY firefighters. Whether it's a TV show or helping our brothers and sisters, this is where most of my times is right now. But I will make a better effort to return here as often as possible.!

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